Saturday, April 02, 2016

Brunch in the City - Samovar Tea Lounge at Yerba Buena Garden

Samovar Tea Lounge - Clip
I recently had a leisurely brunch with my friends Dinah and Karen at the Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens.  We always have a good experience dining there.  About three years ago, the three of us had brunch there and I remember we also had the same positive experience. 

A great combination of ambience, service, view, food and friends.

I haven't seen my friend Dinah and Karen for what seemed like a lifetime. With their busy schedule, it we were meant to meet because we all had a common day available for brunch. Dinah has always been our go to person when it comes to places to try. However, I was surprised to learn that I was in charge of selecting the place.
Samovar Tea Lounge - Building 

What better place to catch up with friends and eat good food than Samovar Tea Lounge at Yerba Buena Gardens.
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Tea Lounge 

Here's a view of their outside seating area. The three of us have brunched there before so we knew what to expect.
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Open air seating 

Here's a view of the entrance.
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Entrance

The restaurant is modern at the same time elegant, high ceilings, lots of natural lighting and great view.  Not to mention it is centrally located. 
Samovar Tea Lounge - Dining room 

The three of us decided we'd all order the Smoked Duck Jook. It is a white rice porridge with lots of tasty toppings. It came with sriracha sauce on the side but I decided I was not going to use it so that I would taste the jook just the way it is. It was delicious and very satisfying. For the tea pairing, I decided to get the California Rose which is unsweetened black tea with orange peel, cardamon, rose and jasmine.
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Smoked Duck Jook

For dessert, we decided to share the lemon coconut torte and the chia pudding. The dessert cleansed my palate and washed down the savory taste of the jook.
Samovar Tea Lounge - Chia Pudding Lemon Coconut Torte 

I've mentioned that the three of us have been there also for brunch. I remember we tried the different tea services. Dinah got the Chinese Service, Karen the Paleolithic and I got the Japanese.  They were all delicious and paired well with the tea.
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Paleolithic Tea Service Samovar Tea Lounge - Japanese Service 
  Samovar Tea Lounge - Chinese Service Samovar Tea Lounge - Green Tea


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