Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lunch in the City - Coqueta

Conqueta - Menu
Mijo and I went to Coqueta the other week for lunch. It was a beautiful day to be next to the water and Mijo has not been to Coqueta so I thought those are perfect excuses.

It has been two years since the last time I dined there. Still the same Coqueta goodness, same friendly service, same great atmosphere for dining. One of my favorites!

Mijo has not been to Coqueta before. I was there two years  ago with my friends Dinah and Karen for a Sunday brunch. Exactly two years later, Mijo and I went to the have lunch at Coqueta.

Conqueta - Sign door

I don't exactly remember the setup of the dining area but I think nothing much changed. I like the high ceilings, urban chic design, lots of natural lighting.
Conqueta - Crowd 

Just like two years ago, Mijo and I decided to order Sangria. I guess when eating tapas, we prefer to pair with Sangria. Very tasty and refreshing.
  Conqueta - Sangria 

I also had Pulpo a la Parilla two years ago. I did notice that the size of the pulpo or tentacles have gotten smaller. Though the same grilled seafood goodness.  And did I say so tender? I wonder how this food is prepared to make it juicy and less chewy?
  Conqueta - Pulpo a la parilla 

No tapas lunch or dinner is complete without the Patatas Bravas.
  Conqueta - Patatas Bravas 

For veggies, it was my first time, as well as Mijo's, to try their Verdura a la Catalania. If the salad is this good, I will eat more veggies. I'm just saying this veggie dishw was really good.
  Conqueta - Verdura a la Catalana

The service was the same friendly and professional service. Coqueta restaurant is on Embarcadero St. in San Franciso.


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