Thursday, August 04, 2016

Lunch in Sonoma - Backyard

Backyard - Sign
During our wonderful time sampling tasty wines at Joseph Jewell, our wine educator Andy mentioned that a nearby restaurant is great for lunch.  That place is called Backyard.

Mijo and I went there after our wine tasting. We love the food, the service and the setting. It really felt like we were dining at our backyard. We love it!

The weather was great in Sonoma and we just had a great time tasting Pinots at Joseph Jewell. We got hungry and luckily Backyard is just a few minutes walk away from the winery.
Backyard - Sign and lights

We got a table after a few minutes because we didn't have a reservation. While we were waiting for our table, I tried their water by the door. It was so refreshing! Lots of hints of herbs, fragrant blooms and fruits. It was probably one of the most refreshing water I've ever had.
Backyard - Drinking Water

Looking around, the place truly gives you a sense that you are at a backyard, a beautifully landscaped and maintained backyard. Lots of shade, very clean and low maintenance.  It was relaxing just sitting while waiting for our food.
Backyard - Tables and chairs

Backyard - Crowd

The menu is not daunting at all. After browsing through it once, both Mijo and I knew what to get.
Backyard - Water

Mijo and I decided to start with their house french fries with aoli and catsup on the side.
Backyard - French fries

I decided to get their Green Star Farm Buttermilk Fried chicken and waffles. It came with honey butter and rusty gate peach jam. The chicken was so flavorful and crunchy while the waffles were buttery. I love the contrast of flavors.
Backyard - Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle

Mijo decided to get Tim's Burger with pickles, onions and Village roll.
Backyard - Tim's burger

The service was friendly and the food came out right away. It was a relaxing and delicious experience. Thanks, Backyard!
Backyard is in Forestville in Sonoma, California.


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