Sunday, August 21, 2016

Musical in the City - Beautiful: The Carol King Musical

Beautiful - Orpheum Theatre bw
Beautiful: The Carol King Musical is finally in town till September 16. We were both free one week night last week and Mijo got tickets so we went.

I haven't seen Carol King in concert but going to see the musical made it feel like it and more. Mijo and I totally enjoyed the show.  

One of my music collections include Carole King's Tapestry. I didn't grow up listening to her songs but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them. Of course, the melodies are memorable and entertaining and they never get old. Another thing I like about her music are the words. They are deep, relatable and real.

One thing I learned about her from the musical is that she wrote amazing songs for equally amazing artists. I was sitting there just in awe about her amazing talent. I don't know how accurately is the musical in portraying her life but I think she not just gifted but blessed as well.
Beautiful - Orpheum Theatre day

Anyway, from the office I went directly to the Orpheum Theatre to meet Mijo. He had texted me earlier that day to ask for my availability that evening and if I want to see the musical. I always make time for to go out especially for a musical, I said to myself. We went to Gyro King for a quick bit to eat and then we headed back to the theatre.
Beautiful - Programme

The show opened with "So Far Away". I think this was where Carol was already a well known artist. It was probably a scene where she was supposedly playing at the Carnegie Center. The next scene took us back to where she was younger and living at home with her mom. The show ended where it started. In closing, the ensemble sang "I Feel the Earth Move". 
Beautiful - Orpheum Theatre stage

Abby Mueller was wonderful playing Carol King. She sounds like my Tapestry cd. I loved it when she played the piano and sang and the duets too. Liam Tobin as Gerry Goffin, Becky Gulsvig as Cynthia Weil and Ben Fankhauser as Barry Mann were equally amazing. The dances and songs by the ensemble were wonderful and absolutely entertaining. I know it is not a comedy but there were lots of very funny moments.
Beautiful - Orpheum Theatre night

It was truly a Beautiful and heartfelf musical. I'd see it again when I get a chance.


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