Friday, August 05, 2016

Cafe in Oakland - Peerless Coffee and Tea

Peerless Coffee - Cafe bw
We ventured across the San Francisco Bay to visit a coffee shop. We've had their coffee at a couple of our favorite breakfast places in the city and it was great to finally get to their store in Oakland.

It did not disappoint because they have lots of good coffee to choose from and the service was friendly.  We loved going to Peerless Coffee and Tea.

It was fogged-in in the city and we wanted to go out and see a bit of sun so we decided to cross the bridge from San Francisco to go to Oakland to finally visit Peerless Coffee and Tea.  We were right. The sun was glorious in this part of the San Francisco Bay that day and it provided a good backdrop to our coffee trip.
Peerless Coffee - Cafe
Stepping inside their store gave me a feeling of a mom and pop store. None of those big budget or corporate feel. I like it.  Of course, the usual coffee aroma permeates inside the room. I was in coffee heaven.
Peerless Coffee - Cafe inside 

Lots of coffee and tea to choose from inside their store. We've first heard of their coffee from one of our favorite breakfast places in the city. They were serving Peerless Coffee. This was about over ten years ago and we've been wanting to visit their store since then. 
  Peerless Coffee - Bar 

What I didn't do at the breakfast places was ask which blend of Peerless Coffee they were serving.  Mijo and I both like the darker blends of coffee so we asked a couple of questions which darker blends they recommend. Berkeley Blend was one of the suggested blends. They were also serving at the store another dark blend called Guatemala Antigua Blend which we sampled and liked.
  Peerless Coffee - Berkeley Blend 

On the right side of the store is an area with coffee sampling and roasting apparatus but it was not accessible to the public. They have a window you can look through to see what is inside that room.
  Peerless Coffee - Freshly Roasted 

We decided to sample the Guatemala Antigua blend and we liked it. The store has tables and a seating area outside where we enjoyed a sunny morning.
  Peerless Coffee - Cups 

Peerless Coffee and Tea also sells coffee accessories inside the store.
  Peerless Coffee - Merchandise 

We brough home a pound of Guatemala Antigua blend, a half pound Berkeley blend and a half pound of their Moka Java Dark blend to enjoy at home.  Peerless Coffee and Tea is on 3rd and Oak Sts. in Oakland.
  Peerless Coffee - Bag


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