Saturday, August 06, 2016

Farm in Sonoma - Kozlowski Farms

Kozlowski Farms - Sign
We saw the Kozlowski Farms sign from the highway on our way to Joseph Jewell Winery. We didn't have plans to go to Kozlowski Farms but we ended up going there later that afternoon.

I am glad we decided to stop by Kozlowski Farms for a quick coffee and applie tart. We even brought a whole pie to take home with us. That's how we loved it!

After our wonderful wine tasting at Joseph Jewell and a tasty lunch at Backyard, we were ready for dessert. We made sure we saved space for a delicious pie at Kozlowski Farms. Andy, our wine educator at Joseph Jewell, suggested we check out and try the pies at Kozlowski Farms.
Kozlowski Farms - Highway 

You cannot miss the signs by the highway. Rows and rows of apples and maybe cherries make up the farm at Kozlowski. The store is in this imposing barn like building in the middle of the farm.
Kozlowski Farms - Store building 

As expected, pies were on display inside the store. Lots of different kinds of apple pies and tarts. Some plain, some with cherries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and other fruit combinations.
  Kozlowski Farms - Homemade pies 

  Kozlowski Farms - Homemade pies and tarts 

They also sell frozen pies that can be reheated at home for that freshly baked goodness.
  Kozlowski Farms - Frozen pies 

We decided to get a whole pie to enjoy at home plus we shared an apple and blackberry tart with coffee while we sat by their seating area outside the store to enjoy the weather and the view of their orchard.
  Kozlowski Farms - Coffee apple tart 

It is easy to romanticize the orchard and the weather here at Kozlowski Farms. It is a lot of work for sure.
Kozlowski Farms - Farm

It must be a fun and exciting scene here during apple picking season.
Kozlowski Farms - Apple trees

Kozlowski Farms also sells fruit jams and preserves and souvenir merchandises.
  Kozlowski Farms - Preserves 

  Kozlowski Farms - Coffee mugs 

Here's the pie we brough home.
  Everyday Coffee in the City - Peerless Coffee Guatemala Antigua Dark Kozlowski 
  Everyday Coffee in the City - Peerless Coffee Guatemala Antigua Dark pairing

Kozlowski Farms is on Gravenstein Highway in Forestville in Sonoma.


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