Monday, August 08, 2016

Arts at the Airport - Public Art at SFO Terminal 2

SFO Terminal 2 - New control tower
I don't get to fly out of Terminal 2 of the San Francisco International Airport. So when I got a chance last week, I did a little site seeing and took photos.  

Here are the public art found at SFO's Terminal 2. I hope you enjoy this short virtual tour.

I was traveling for a business trip to Austin and flew out of SFO's Terminal 2. I usually fly out of the International terminal or Terminals 1 or 3 but seldom out of Terminal 2. So when I found out I was flying out of Terminal 2 for this business trip, I made a plan to go to the airport a bit earlier so I can site see and check out Terminal 2.

Here is the new control tower near Terminal 2.
SFO Terminal 2 - Dropoff

Here's an artsy colored net by Janet Echelman giving me that illusion that they are coming out of the skylights.
SFO Terminal 2 - Janet Echelman netting

Here the closer look and details of the artsy net.
SFO Terminal 2 - Janet Echelman netting detail

Hanging sculpture by Kendall Buster.
SFO Terminal 2 - Kendall Buster shade cloth

A Potter's Life by Marguerite Wildenhain.
SFO Terminal 2 - A Potter's Life Marguerite Wildenhain

Seiji Kunishima's stacking stone sculpture.
SFO Terminal 2 - Seiji Kunishima stacking stones

Amy Ellingson's Mosaic mural.
SFO Terminal 2 - Amy Ellingson Mosaic mural

Norie Sato's colored glass enamel.
SFO Terminal 2 - Norie Sato glass enamel

I don't know the designer of these chairs but I like them.
SFO Terminal 2 - Red chairs

This artsy vase caught my eyes not only because it is artsy but it has the greetings writing in different languages. Mabuhay!
SFO Terminal 2 - Vase greetings mabuhay

I'm sure I didn't capture all the different public arts in Terminal 2. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.


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