Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Murals in the City - Osage Alley murals

Osage Alley Murals - Welcome sign
Mijo, Tee and I were heading to Mission Pie for desserts and coffee when I spotted these murals while looking for parking. Right after we finished desserts and coffee, we did a mini walking tour of Osage Alley.

This is alley is amazing because it is dotted with murals. This is another mural heaven in the Mission District!

I don't know who painted these murals but I love them. The area of Osage Alley where in the murals are concentrated are in the two blocks between 24th and 26th Sts.   They look like they were painted by different muralists because of different designs and styles. They form an eclectic art when seen together. I love it!

These murals are north of 25th St.

Osage Alley Murals - Love mural 

The details on this one is hard to describe because the mural is very intricate not to mention it is huge. I wonder how long a mural this big is painted?
  Osage Alley Murals - Big mural 

These murals are south of 25th St. Either you love them of hate them. For me, I love them. I think they are great. I love the colors and the hidden messages in them.

  Osage Alley Murals - Window mural 

I call this one Big eyes mural or Flowers In Your Hair mural.
  Osage Alley Murals - Girl mural 

  Osage Alley Murals - Garage murals 

  Osage Alley Murals - Garage mural 

A Dora and friends mural. The owner of the property must have kids?
  Osage Alley Murals - Dora mural 

Willy Wonka?
  Osage Alley Murals - Willy Wonka mural 

  Osage Alley Murals - Vas a Paris 

Of course, a San Francisco Giants mural.
  Osage Alley Murals - SF mural 

  Osage Alley. Murals - Another mural 

Cookie monster or puppet mural?
  Osage Alley Murals - Puppet mural 

  Osage Alley Murals - Purple murals 

I call this the meter mural. Do you see the electric meters?
  Osage Alley Murals - Meter mural 

  Osage Alley Murals - More murals 

This one is not on Osage Alley but nearby. It is on 25th St. and Mission. I love the colors.
  26th St. Murals - Wide mural

I love it when I discover something like this in the city. It is amazing how I still find artsy alleys in the city and seeing it for the first time.


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