Monday, September 01, 2014

Cheese Tasting in Marin - Nicasio Valley Cheese Company

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - SignThe day started clear and summer like that Saturday so we decided to drive up north. It was a spur of the moment.

The same with this cheese tasting. We went to Nicasio Valley Cheese Company on an impulse. We discovered a brand of cheese we haven't had and we loved what we sampled in their store on Nicasio Rd.

We took Sir Francis Drake Blvd. from hwy 101 on our way to Tomales Bay for fresh oysters for lunch.

While on Nicasio Rd. we saw this sign and got curious. We can always sample good cheeses, we said to each other. So we stopped and checked out the cheese place.

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Road Sign

They have a rustic barn looking store. There were a couple of cars parked so we took that as a good sign that there are not too many people sampling cheeses.
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Cheese Store

In other cheese venues, you ask someone for help should you like to taste a particular cheese. In Nicasio Valley Cheese, they created this spread and let you taste the cheeses on your own. They've arranged the tasting from the youngest cheese to the more mature cheeses. 
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Tasting 1

I like this style bettter because it is not limiting. Tasting younger cheeses first does not overwhelm the taste buds. In fact, it makes taste buds ready for the more mature ones.

They also have other cheese tastings on the right side of the store. 
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Tasting 2

I noticed some of their cheeses are award winners in cheese competitions.
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Tasting 3

You can also watch how cheese are made through this window. Some cheese company have tours in their facilities but I do not know if Nicasio Valley Cheese has one.
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Steel Vats

Mijo and I decided to get one each. I got their San Geronimo which is a washed rind cheese that is multi awarded both in State and National competition. It is a full flavored cheese which we've enjoyed as a table cheese or melted on bread or bagel. Mijo chose the Nicasio Square which I considered the tastiest among their cheeses. It is aged for 30 days before it is ready for market.
Nicasio Valley Cheese Company - Nicasio Square San Geronimo

I really enjoy going to these artisan cheese makers location because you can taste the cheese before you make the purchase. The staff is super friendly, as well.

Thank you Nicasio Valley Cheese!


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