Sunday, September 14, 2014

Festival in the City - Savor Filipino

Savor Filipino - StageFinally, the spotlight on Filipino cuisine. There is no better place to showcase the taste of the Philippines than the Bay Area. 

The weather was perfect, the location couldn't be any better, and the food was delicious. I hope Savor Filipino becomes an annual event in San Francisco.

I first heard of Savor Filipino when Mijo and I went to check out Pistahan Parade and Festival. I immediately added the date in my calendar to make sure I wouldn't forget. The story ended well because I didn't forget. I wanted to go check it out to show my support to the Filipino cuisine and at the same time show my Filipino pride. 
Savor Filipino was held at San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza. Holding the Savor Filipino in San Francisco is a great idea. Not only is San Francisco a tourist city, it is also a foodie town.

Savor Filipino - Justin Herman Plaza

The event's focus, of course, was on food. I've been to food events in San Francisco so I was expecting that this is going to be similar. Since the idea is to make people get familiar with Filipino cuisine, I was expecting lots of small bites and sample tastings where people would either be carrying a passport to be stamped or a sample all you can style.

Savor Filipino was different and it was more similar to a street fair food court. The food were split into five tents serving food. Street Food, The Fiesta, The Garden, Karinderia, and Dessert.

The Street Food had the following selections: 
BBQ - The Filipino Way
Kinilaw or Filipino ceviche, 
Balut or duck egg,
Lumpiang Shanghai by Chef Neil Syham,
The Street Sampler

Savor Filipino - The Filipino Food Movement

The Dessert tent had the following selections:
Bibingka by Binka Bites,
Turon by Ramar Foods,
Halo Halo by Ramar Foods.
Tropical Ice Cream by Ramar Foods.
Cotton Candy by Sugar & Spun.
Leche Flan

The Karinderia had the following selections: 
Chicken Pork Adobo by Chef AC Boral,
Sinigang na Bangus by Chef Eric Pascual,
Kare Kare by Chef Michael Santos,
Dinuguan by Chef Jessette Kalsi,
Lugaw by Chef Irbille Donia and Justin Legaspi,
The Karinderia Sampler

Savor Filipino - Kulinarya Showcase

The Fiesta tent had the following selections and chefs: 
Lechon Baboy or roasted pig,
Lechon Paksiw or roasted pig with sauce by Tastebuds Restaurant,
Pancit Guisado or noodles by Chef Robert Menor,
Embotido or Filipino meatloaf by Ramar Foods,
Pangat by Chef Yana Gilbuena,
Fiesta Sampler

Savor Filipino - The Fiesta Queue

The Garden included the following selections:
Adobong Kangkong by Chef Charleen Caabay,
Ginataang Sitaw by Chef Charleen Caabay,
Pinakbet by Chef Jay-Ar Isagani Pugao,
Lumpiang Sariwa by Chef Jay-Ar Isagani Pugao.
and The Garden Sampler

I ordered The Garden Sampler consisting of Adobong Kangkong, Ginataang Sitaw, and Pinakbet. They were all delicious, at the same time a nouveau take on the classic dishes.
Savor Filipino - The Garden Sampler

I found my aunts Glo and Madeliene sitting just outside the festival area with a table spread consisting of The Fiesta Sampler, Lechon Baboy, Lumpiang Shanghai, Adobo and Sisig.

Savor Filipino - Fiesta Sampler Lechon Baboy

As a Filipino, I have no idea why our cuisine has not made it to mainstream in terms of ethnic food in America. But I am glad that little by little, it is getting there. I can't wait when Filipino food becomes the new cuisine to make it internationally.


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