Monday, September 22, 2014

Concert in Sonoma - Gipsy Kings at Weill Hall

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Lawn view at nightEverytime I hear Flamenco music, my memories of my travels to Spain comes alive. This is probably why The Gipsy Kings is one of my favorite Flamenco groups. 

They were in the area just recently and Mijo was able to get us tickets to their concert at Sonoma State University's Weill Hall. While watching their concert, it felt like I was in Spain.

The Gipsy Kings had their concert at Weill Hall at Sonoma State University on a Wednesday night so Mijo and I have to leave the city early enough to beat the traffic. To get there before 7:30pm, we left the city before 5pm. The traffic was not that bad after we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Bridge traffic

We met Claudia by the University entrance. No bottled water or any liquids are allowed inside. We had brought a bottle of wine and a couple of bottles of water but we left them in the car. I guess we had to buy them inside.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Entrance

The stage is insde the auditorium, though, we thought the concert is better enjoyed from the lawn. Picnic while watching the concert.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Lawn

The Sons of The Gypsy Kings opened the concert.  I was told they are the actual sons of the Kings. The Sons sang songs of The Gipsy Kings and they do sound like the Kings. Theirs was more of unplugged version of the real songs. The melodies and the wine country weather of Sonoma took me back to my travels in Spain. 
Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Sons of The Gipsy Kings

The best thing about being on the lawn, we had a picnic spread.
Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Munchies

Claudia brough this delicious cheese from Cow Girl Creamery.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Cow Girl cheese

We bought a bottle of Chateau St. Jean 2011 Pinot Noir from the concession of the University.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Chateau St Jean

There was a short break after The Sons of The Gipsy Kings performed before the main act.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Lawn view at night

Though they didn't sing my favorite song Trista Pena, they played a lot of familiar songs.
And that more than made up for it. The sound of guitars and flamenco vocals were so soothing. Since I had memorized some of their songs, I was able to sing along with them.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Big Screen

The Kings spoke a sentence or two in Spanish and a couple of phrases in French. I am not sure if the Kings speak a lot of English but it would have been wonderful to know some background of each song and what was on their mind that evening.

I took a look inside the Weill Hall. It is a modern auditorium with brown wood panels and chairs.

Gipsy Kings At Weill Hall - Inside Weill Hall

Thank you Sonoma State University and The Gipsy Kings for an enjoyable night of flamenco music.

Now, I feel like going to Spain agian. Maybe. :)


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