Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chocolate in the City - Dandelion Chocolates

Dandelion Chocolates - Tasting purchaseAfter our Ethiopian dinner, Mijo, JP and I were walking down Valencia St. looking for a place where we can have something sweet. We found this lively dessert place called Dandelion Chocolates.

They sell chocolates in different forms and sizes. The chocolates are high quality and the service friendly. This place became an instant hit for us.

Have you had spicy food for dinner and then had cravings for something sweet to wash down the savory flavors from you palate? That's exactly how we felt after our delicious dinner at Cafe Ethiopia on Valencia St.

Mijo and I have seen the Dandelion Chocolate store front before but never really sat inside to drink or eat. That evening, we thought the timing is perfect to try the chocolate place.

There was a line to the registers when we got inside. The smell of sweet chocolates fills the entire store. While waiting in line, we saw their chocolate bars displayed on the shelves. The chocolate labels show the place where they were sourced. Next to the chocolates, they placed small bowls containing small pieces of chocolates for tastings. I thought that is a great idea. Try the merchandise before buying.

I only tasted three chocolates that evening. Chocolates sourced from Belize, Dominican Republic and Madagascar.

Dandelion Chocolates - Chocolate Tasting Belize

Dandelion Chocolates - Chocolate Tasting Dominican Republic

Dandelion Chocolates - Chocolate Tasting Madagascar

From the line, I can see several churns and tin containers and filled with chocolates.
Dandelion Chocolates - Churn

In the menu, they serve three kinds of hot chocolates - House Hot Chocolate, Mission Hot Chocolate, and European Drinking Chocolate. 
Dandelion Chocolates - Chocolate drink

We asked a staff about the consistency of the European Drinking Chocolate and he offered to give the three of us a sample. It was delicious.
Dandelion Chocolates - Sample European Drinking Chocolate

I decided to get the House Hot Chocolate which is the classic light and miky warm chocolate drink. Mijo chose the Mission Hot Chocolate which has a spicy hint. JP ordered the European one.
Dandelion Chocolates - House Hot Chocolate

As for the goodies, they had a few selections.
Dandelion Chocolates - Goodies

We decided to get the Brownie Bite Flight which consisted of three small brownies with labels specifying the single-origin chocolate used in each brownie.
Dandelion Chocolates - Brownie Bite Flight

The store's interior is pretty engaging. They even have signs that suggests what to do when you are at the store. 
Dandelion Chocolates - Sign

They have a marshmallow station and also a water station to cleanse the palate.
Dandelion Chocolates - Marshmallows

After we left, I decided to get their chocolates to bring to the office.
Dandelion Chocolates - Tasting purchase

The Dandelion Chocolates is located on Valencia St. in San Francisco's Mission District. I've also seen their location at the Ferry Building.
Dandelion Chocolates - Ferry Building location

I truly enjoy the atmosphere at their cafe. Their staff is friendly and their chocolate delicious. Dandelion Chocolate is easily one of my favorite places in the city.


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