Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sardinian Dinner in the City - La Ciccia

La Ciccia - FrontWe've always wanted to dine at La Ciccia. The restaurant serves food from the island of Sadegna or Sardinia.  It is that island on the Mediterranean Sea west of Italy and south of Corsica.

We made the reservations weeks ahead and we finally found a table on a Thursday evening.  The Sardinian dishes we ordered  were very delicious. This restaurant is definitely in our list.

La Ciccia is at the end of Church St. in the outer edge of the Noe Valley neighborhood before you get to Glen Park. We've always wanted to dine here but it is very popular and reserving a table is a challenge.

We got lucky to have reserved a table on a Thursday evening. The dining hall is small. It is like being inside a typical house in San Francisco. This space makes for a very cozy dining. Later during dinner, we were enjoying chatting with a couple next to us.

We are not familiar with dishes from Sardegna so we picked what sounded good in the menu.

They first brought this lightly salted bread and two glasses of house red wine from, well, Sardegna. They were good but I forgot to ask what kind.
La Ciccia - Bread

The next plate we ordered is sort of a sauteed mushroom dish suggested by our server. He could very well be a family member of the owner but I was not sure. This dish was super tasty combined with the flavors of parmesian cheese and herbs.
La Ciccia - Mushrooms

Our knowledgeable server also recommended this flat bread or Pani Guttiau. Actually, we've seen this flat bread being served on almost every table so we had originally planned to order this one. It is crunchy with hints of rosemary. It is perfect to eat with the sauteed mushrooms.
La Ciccia - Flat Bread

For Is Primusu or first course, we decided to get this fresh linguine with seafood sugo and squid ink or Pasta Longa e su Nieddu de Seppia. It was very tasty as well. The squid ink was reduced so the consistency is thick and not soupy at all. I guess this lessened the fishiness and at the same time concentrated the squid flavor. Mijo and I shared this plate.
La Ciccia - Linguine squid ink plate

It was a challenge taking a picture because of low light. Here's what it looked like upclose.
La Ciccia - Linguine squid ink

For the final course or Is Segundusu, we decided to get Fettinasa de Proccu a sa Sapa or pan roasted Pork loin served with Saffron Onions. The pork loin was so tender and the sauce delicious.
La Ciccia - Pork Loin plate

La Ciccia - Pork Loin

For desserts, we ordered Truta de Arriscottu 
or ricotta and saffron cake served with honey and Almonds and select homemade gelato.
La Ciccia - Gelati and cake

We totally enjoyed every plate. We will be back for sure.

La Ciccia is on 30th St. on the corner of Church St. where the Muni J train turns.


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