Monday, August 11, 2014

Filipino Festival in the City - Pistahan 2014

Pistahan 2014 - Pistahan Parade and FestivalThe San Francisco Bay Area is home to people from different countries and Filipinos make up a large percentage of that. 

The Filipino community is a major ethnic group in Northern California and is well represented in major companies, local politics and government jobs.  This is evident in the annual Pistahan Parade and Festival where the Filipino food and culture are showcased.

There was a thick marine layer that day so the day was gray and on the cool side. Mijo was wishing it was sunny but I consider this kind of weather perfect for watching a parade or going to a street fair or festival.

The Pistahan Parade and Festival happens in the month of August. I do not know the significance why the month of August. I think I've seen the parade only three times and last weekend was the third time. However, I've been to the festival many times. 

Here are some pictures from the parade and festival that will take you on a virtual tour of the event.

The parade started from Civic Center through Market Street and ended on 4th St.
Pistahan 2014 - It is more fun in the Philippines

These kids are great dancers!
Pistahan 2014 - Dance troupe

These are called barrelmen. Barrelmen are popular wooden souvenir items sold at tourist places in the Philippines.
Pistahan 2014 - Barrelman

Contingents from major islands like Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Pistahan 2014 - Luzon Cluster

Mijo liked the colorful traditional wear.
Pistahan 2014 - Ifugao dancers

Pistahan 2014 - LBC

Magnolia Ice Cream was also giving away goodies to parade watchers.
Pistahan 2014 - Magnolia Ube Red beans

Pistahan 2014 - Visayas Cluster

I enjoyed the dancing part of the parade. 
Pistahan 2014 - Sinulog

It amazes me that lots of Filipinos are part of major industries and companies in the Bay Area. Maybe I'll see Filipino contingents from Google, Facebook, Apple, Visa, etc. in the future.
Pistahan 2014 - Kaiser

There were signs that remind us to continue to help rebuild Visayas after parts of it was flatened by the super typhoon.
Pistahan 2014 - Rebuild Visayas

Pistahan 2014 - Mindanao Cluster

The costumes are also quite colorful.
Pistahan 2014 - Muslim dancers

Pistahan 2014 - SFPD

Pistahan 2014 - BART

Pistahan 2014 - TFC

I was told by two contrymen next to us that one of the actresses on the TFC float is Zsa Zsa Padilla's daughter Karylle.
Pistahan 2014 - Karylle

The parade ends on 4th St and everyone converges at the festival area at the Yerba Buena Gardens.
This is the view of the Pistahan Stage.
  Pistahan 2014 - Pistahan Stage

As always, there are booths selling Filipino tshirts and handicrafts.
Pistahan 2014 - Booths

Here is another view of the Pistahan Stage from the nearby Metreon mall.
Pistahan 2014 - View of festival area from Metreon

Of course, there won't be a Filipino event without food.
Pistahan 2014 - Food Court 
Mijo and I shared a light lunch of chicken adobo, sisig and vegetable lumpia.
Pistahan 2014 - Lunch

To wash down the savory taste, we opted to share this carioca.
Pistahan 2014 - Carioca

On the other end of Yerba Buena Gardens is the Bayanihan Stage. I think this is where the young ones are congregating.
Pistahan 2014 - Bayanihan Stage

On the Second Level terrace of the gardens is the Culinary Pavillon. For a donation of $20, you'll get this cute tshirt.
Pistahan 2014 - Tshirt

The Filipino Food Movement was also promoting an upcoming food event called Savor Filipino which is happening on August 30, 2014 at the Justin Herman Plaza. That sounds like something to check out.
Pistahan 2014 - Culinary Pavillon

There was also Zumba dancing.
Pistahan 2014 - Dance Pavillon

Here's a view of the festival area from the Second Level terrace. I heard that Gary V. will be performing the following day.
Pistahan 2014 - View of festival area from Yerba Buena

Pistahan 2014 - View of stage from Metreon

There was also a boxing ring across the street near the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
Pistahan 2014 - Boxing ring

Pistahan 2014 - Toy car race

There is truly strength in numbers. I am glad that the Filipinos in the SF Bay Area are organized. Parades and Festivals like Pistahan provides a positive image of the Filipinos in the community. I'm so proud to be a Filipino!


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