Sunday, August 24, 2014

Festival in the City - San Francisco Street Food Festival

SF Street Food Festival - Adios MissionMijo and I went to the San Francisco Street Food Festival to eat lunch since we were in the area.  Lots of food vendors to choose from. 

This year, we were quick to decide and we were in and out of the festival in less than an hour. We think we did a pretty good job and ate good and tasty new and classic comfort food.

We heard this is the last year the San Francisco Street Food Festival will be held in the Mission District. Thus, the this year's theme Adios, Mission. I wonder where they are going to move? I hope not in Fort Mason. Our favorite SF Chefs moved the venue to Fort Mason and that was the reason why we didn't go this year. I just find it difficult to romanticize an event inside a warehouse steel structure. So I hope that this event is not going there.

Anyway, back at the Street Food Festival… The crowd control seemed better this year. Could it be that there were more vendors this year? Could it be also that the vendors got smarter in their system and made the ordering faster? Whatever it is, I think it worked. Same street, on Folsom Street and stretched a couple of blocks up and down from 24th Street.

SF Street Food Festival - Mission Crowd

We didn't want to get stuck by analysis-paralysis just like the previous years we were here. What we did differently this year was to order the first thing that sounds good.

We were running some errands in the area that's why we decided to drop by. We were thirsty so the first order was a Blood Orange Lemonade by Namu Street Food. That was refreshing without being too sweet.

SF Street Food Festival - Namu Street Blood Orange lemonade

Also by Namu Street Food was this pancake looking food called Okonomiyaki. It has a lot of ingredients but I could taste some seafood flakes.
SF Street Food Festival - Namu Street Food Okonomiyaki

Here's what it looked like upclose.
SF Street Food Festival - Namu Street Food Okonomiyaki upclose

Next one we saw and wanted to try was this Drunken Fish and Salt Brine Chips by Il Canne Rosso. It is a different twist in Fish and Chips and it was a good tasty twist.
SF Street Food Festival - Il Canne Rosso Drunken Fish Salt Brined Chips

Walking past a couple of vendors going north, we decided to try this Ahi Tuna Kitfo by Radio Africa. It was a very spicy version of a tuna tartare with some pungent spices. It was one of my favorites that afternoon.
SF Street Food Festival - Radio Africa Ahi Tuna Kitfo

Next we sampled this ultra delicious Southern Gourmet Jambalaya by Good Foods Catering. By this time, were already getting full and we were thinking of going home.
SF Street Food Festival - Good Foods Catering Southern Gourmet Jambalaya

But while planning our exit, we saw these delicious looking things. They are called Beef Pho Rolls by Rice Paper Scissors. Think of a deconstructed Pho in the form of a roll. So tasty! 
SF Street Food Festival - Rice Paper Scissors Beef Pho Rolls

For dessert, we tried this Gourmet S'mores by Kika's Treat. This washed down all the different savory flavors we were sampling.
SF Street Food Festival - Kikas Treats Gourmet Smores

Of course, there was a composting bin which in a classic San Francisco fashion.
SF Street Food Festival - Compostable

No analysis paralysis. We left the festival area after only a little after 45 mins.

We'll wait and see where this festival will be held next year. Crossing my fingers…


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