Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Cocktails in the City - Brasserie S&P at The Mandarin Oriental

Brasserie S&P - SignFor our Happy Hour Thursday, we sampled the cocktails at the Brasserie S&P at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

This place has short list but great selections of mixed drinks and the service is topnotch. Perfect for catching up with friends.

Our happy hour have taken us to places like Ame Bar, Top of the Mark, Fifth Floor to name a few. Jim, Jose, Mijo and I have been different venues having chic interiors. So when the four of us got to Brasserie S&P and saw how small and ordinary the place looked like, we couldn't help but wonder if the drinks were going to be a downer.  We decided to stay and we were rewarded by the gods of cocktails. Brasserie S&P serves high quality mixed drinks and the service is very good!
Brasserie S&P - Lounge Area 

This is what our table looked like. First round of drinks.
The place started to grow on us. We realized that the venue is perfect for good conversations with friends. At that time, Mijo and I just came back from our vacation in Bali and Boracay and Jose and Jim also had lots of things happening in their business plus their new cars. So there were a lot of things to catch up on.
  Brasserie S&P - Table

I decided to order their fabulous and tasty Victorian Drop which is Purity vodka, rose water, lemon, rose hibiscus sugar. It was very refreshing and tasty. Jim and Jose ordered the same thing. Mijo ordered The San Franciscan which is a mix of Jameson Irish Whiskey, grand marnier, Angustura Bitters.
Brasserie S&P - Victorian Drop and The San Franciscan 

They gave us these freebies of wasabi, olives and almonds.
  Brasserie S&P - Freebies

Jim and Jose decided to sample the sliders to share.
Brasserie S&P - Sliders

While we decided to get the calamari which was also for sharing.
Brasserie S&P - Calamari

Our second round of drinks consisted of the same thing but Mijo decided to order a classic mojito.
Brasserie S&P - Victorian Drop and Mojito

I find their glass arrangement very classy and romantic.
Brasserie S&P - Glasses

I also liked their wall art.
Brasserie S&P - Wall Art

All in all, our experience at Brasserie S&P was enjoyable, their drinks topnotch and the service ultra attentive and friendly. The vibe is perfect for quiet conversation with friends.


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