Monday, October 31, 2016

Murals in the City - Shannon St. murals

Shannon St Murals - Murals bwOn our way to Tselog, my good friend Dinah and I chanced upon this alley dotted with murals. The alley is called Shannon St.

It is hard not to miss it because of the colorful blasts it gives. The alleys just stands out while standing either on Geary St. or O'Farrel.  We checked it out and discovered more than just colorful art displays.

The alley is bounded by Geary St. to the north and O'Farell St. to the South. We discovered that the murals contain powerful messages regarding war veterans. 

I felt happy that we stumbled upon this alley filling us with artistic energies at the same time I felt a tinge of sadness after reading several messages on the murals.

Here are the ones the caught my eye. 


Shannon St Murals - Reuben Chip Santos

Shannon St Murals - Vets stats 

  Shannon St Murals - Vets Alley 

  Shannon St Murals - Small letter mural 

  Shannon St Murals - Repatriated deported exiled veterans 

  Shannon St Murals - Hope roof 

  Shannon St Murals - Genocide sos mural 

  Shannon St Murals - Chelsea Manning LGBTQ hero 

  Shannon St Murals - Bruce Blackman mural 

  Shannon St Murals - Aegian Refugees mural 

  Shannon St Murals - OFarrel


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