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Filipino food in the City - Tselog on Jones St.

Tselog - Sign bwMy good friend Dinah and I went to Tselog on Jones St. for lunch before going to see the wonderful musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

I've been to Tselog's location in Daly City and enjoyed it but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a San Francisco location. I love it!

My good friend Dinah and I met up a little before noon at the Golden Gate Theatre to get rush tickets for the Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The afternoon show starts around 2pm so we had time to get a quick bite for lunch. Lots of restaurant choices in that part of the city but a quick scan on Google map showed a familiar name - Tselog. Dinah has not been to Tselog. I have not been to this city location but I have been but to their Daly City restaurant. We decided to check it out. 
Tselog - Facade 

 The place is small but cute. It was packed but the scene was not noisy. People were talking but they were almost whispering. I noticed lots of them were intensely focused on their food.  The eatery has a narrow dining area and it is laid out like a sushi bar with high chairs and bars. 
  Tselog - Crowd 

They serve what I call Filipino comfort food which in my opinion is very approachable and great on the taste buds especially if one is not familiar with Filipino food at all. The menu is simple and clear. Back in the Philippines, these type of dishes are served for brunch but they are served all day in restaurants near the schools and universities. 

In case you didn't know, Tselog is derived from Silog and the word Silog is short for  Sinangag (garlic fried rice) and Itlog (egg). The dishes are served with the meat of  your choice.
  Tselog - Menu 

I was again pleasantly surprised to see these Filipino condiments. (Try the banana ketchup and get a shock how can it even be called ketchup.)
Tselog - Condiment tray 

Dinah ordered what is called Tocilog which is a Silog served with Tocino (Filipino cured pork). She also ordered Lechon kawali (deep fried pork) as a side. She also put together a concoction of vinegar and black pepper to pair with the Tocino to balance the sweetness of the meat.
  Tselog - Tocilog with Lechon kawali 

I decided to get the Tapsilog which is a Silog served with Tapa (marinated strips of beef). I ordered a side of Embutido (Filipino meat loaf). The embutido is balanced with banana ketchup.
  Tselog - Tapsilog with Embutido 

I took Mijo to this place a week later. He ordered this Chicken sisig which is choped chicken meats with spices on a  sizzling hot plate. This sisig is amazing!  I noticed that most of the crowd that day was ordering chicken sisig. 
  Tselog - Chicken sisig 

I ordered a Longsilog which is a Silog served with Longaniza (Filipino sausage) with a side of Embutido. I love it!
  Tselog - Longsilog with Embutido 

  Tselog - Dessert Ube Macapuno 

  Here are some photos of their Daly City location on Mission St.  They basically serve the same Filipino comfort food goodness.
  Tselog Daly City - Facade 
Tselog Daly City -Tapsilog Tselog Daly City -Arroz Caldo 
Tselog Daly City - Embutidosilog Tselog Daly City - Chicken sisig Tselog Daly City - Buko Pie

I am so happy upon learning that Tselog has a San Francisco location which is perfect after going shopping at Union Square or after going to an afternoon show at the American Conservatory Theatre or Curran Theatre.

Another thing I should mention is the very friendly service and the reasonable price. Kudos to the Tselog team! 

Salamat, thank you. 
We've added you to our list of cheap eats in the city.


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