Friday, October 14, 2016

Creativity in the City - Market Street Prototyping Festival

This festival started, I think, last year. When I heard about it a year ago, it was a little too late so I missed it. This year, I almost missed it again.

I saw just a glimpse of it while we were on our way to lunch in SoMa. However few I saw, I liked. I made a mental note note to miss it next year. Great urban design ideas!

Mijo and I were on our way to a lunch in SoMa when we ran into the Market Street Prototyping Festival happening that day. In fact, it was the last day of the 3-day festival. We didn't see a lot but what we saw were great ideas.

This one is called The Sidewalk Library.  
This gave me an open air public library experience and a place to check out books at the same time a place to read and unwind outdoors.
Market St Prototyping Festival - The Sidewalk Library
Project Team: 
San Francisco Public Library, 
San Francisco Public Works Landscape Architecture.

This one is called the Prism Portal. I
 walked through the prism and the experienced for me was visual. The sunlight is reflected as different colors. It was like walking under the shade of trees but instead of shade you get colorful mix of shades and sunshine.
Market St Prototyping Festival - Prism Portal 
Project Team: 
Clare Hart Slatery,  Ryan Sison,
Tigran Tyler Pell

This one is called Pop Up Forest.  
 Market St Prototyping Festival - Pop up forest
Project Team: 
Phil Pierce, Doug Wildman, Anne Brask,
Anne Brask, Jon Swae, Monica Way

This one is called Play Hear.
Here's the link to their prototype information.
  Market St Prototyping Festival - Play Hear 
Project Team:
Adam Fong, Bart Hopkin, 
David Samas

This one is called Excalibur
This one was fun and there was a reward after you pull out the sword.
Here's the link to their prototype information.
  Market St Prototyping Festival - Excalibur
Project Team:
YBCA, Craig Hollow, MSPF Design, 
Architecture Interns (Alasia, Brittany, Crystal, David, Destiny,
Eddy, Emmanuel, Isis, Jackie, Mary Claire, Nehemias, Sara, Sonte, Tahim).

Very creative selection. I'm very pleased and I only got to see a handful of the prototypes. And they do create a sense of community.

I'll definitely not miss the one next year.


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