Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lunch in the City - Tartine Manufactory

Mijo and I recently had a wonderful lunch at Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco's Mission District. Overall, we liked the food and enjoyed the lunch.

We knew not to go there on the weekends and parking during the week was going to be bad.  After our lunch, we learned that the best time to go there during the week is during non peak hours. We'll definitely be back for more.

We first heard of Tartine Manufactory while waiting in line at Tartine, the bakery on 18th St. and Guererro, while chatting with the other people who were also waiting in line. 

Speaking of queue, the line was crazy long and slow when Mijo and I got to the Manufactory on a Friday lunch hour. Parking was not easy to find either. Unlike the other Tartine location which is small and cozy, the Manufactory is big and is housed in a building that looks like a former warehouse.
Tartine Manufactory - 18th and Alabama

The place was packed when we finally got our turn to go in. The aroma of baked goods greeted us right away. There were lots of white Asian lanterns hanging from the ceiling that made the interior less industrial and much more pleasant to the eyes. Just like in the other Tartine location, you can take a peek into their baking process.
Tartine Manufactory - Dining hall 
Tartine Manufactory - Crowd Tartine Manufactory - Chefs 

We were given a menu with a number while we were waiting in line. When we got in, the host told us to fall in line again near the counters this time to order and pay. Lots of shelves and rows of different types of baked goodies. In fact, there were breads and food everywhere I looked. It was definitely worth the wait.
  Tartine Manufactory - Breads
 Tartine Manufactory - Pastries Tartine Manufactory - Pastries cookies Tartine Manufactory - Cakes pudding Tartine Manufactory - Bread combo 

Aside from breads, pastries and coffee, they also serve salads, sandwiches, ice cream and fresh juices. The concept actually reminds me of cafe chains like La Boulangerie and also my favorite  cafe when I'm in Manila called Wildflour.
   Tartine Manufactory - Menu Number 

Here are the spritz that we ordered.  The yellow one is called Turmeric Kefir and the other one is called Elderberry Cardomon. They are both fresh tasting with hints of earthiness.
Tartine Manufactory - Turmeric Kefir Elderberry Cardomon

Mijo and I decided to share this salad with roasted carrots, green faro, pomegranate, feta, vadouvan, sunflower seed. It was fresh and light and layers and layers of delicious tastes and textures.
  Tartine Manufactory - Salad

We also shared this warm porchetta sandwich. It was so delicious! This sandwich actually reminded me of a Salvadorean sandwich called pan con favo because of the mix of greens and meat.
  Tartine Manufactory - Porchetta Sandwich

This is what the sandwich looked like. The rub they used on the meat was so delicious and very tasty. I tasted hints of anise.
Tartine Manufactory - Porchetta Sandwich slice

For dessert, we decided to get this chocolate cake. We also brought home a jam brioche  and a panne suisse to drink with coffee later that day.
Tartine Manufactory - Chocolate cake

Tartine Manufactory is located on Alabama St. and 18th St.


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