Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wines Tasting in Sonoma - Classic and Library Wine Tasting at Merriam Vineyards

Merriam Vinayards - Gate bwWe had two sets of wine club shipments at Merriam Vineyards which we opted to pick up instead. We finally made it to Merriam this month and we finally enjoyed the perks of being a wine club member.

We tried most of the wines in their Classic and Library wine collections and they were all amazing wines. Thank you, Merriam Vineyards!

The weather was springlike that day. We usually go wine tasting during the week to avoid the weekend crowd and the tourist rush. No offense to them but going to we get to enjoy the wineries, ask more questions about the vines and enjoy the wines more. 

Merriam Vinayards - Gate

The vines were still dormant and looking gnarly while basking in the glorious Sonoma sunshine. I love seeing the endless rows of vines on rolling hills as far as the eyes can see. The valley is, not surprisingly, looking very green this year. Thanks to the El Nino, Northern California got a lot of rain last winter.
Merriam Vinayards - Gnarly Winter Vines 

As soon as we entered the tasting room, I smelled the usual whiff of heady grape scent. The Merriam Vineyards staff welcomed us eventhough they were obviously very preoccupied putting together boxes of wine club wines for shipment. Talk about good service and multitasking. Looking at this map of Sonoma, I was once again reminded of the many microclimates present in the Sonoma Valley region.
  Merriam Vinayards - Sonoma micro climates 

As with the tasting, our club membership allows us free tasting. We tasted a lot. And all of them were amazing wines, most of them have been awarded medals in wine competitions: 2014 Russian River Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2013 Russian River Valley Pinor Noir Cuvee, 2006 Russian River Valley Windacre Merlot, 2003 Russian River Valley Windacre Merlot, 2011 Dry Creek Valley Jones Vineyard Cabernet Franc, 2006 Dry Creek Valley Jones Vineyard Cabernet Franc, 2007 Russian River Valley Windacre Vineyard Cabernet Franc, 2011 Glockner Turner Ranch Rockpile Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 Mixtos Bordeau Blend.
  Merriam Vinayards - Library and Classic Wine Tasting

 Some of them were already present in our wine club box. The other ones not included, we decided to get like the 2006 Russian River Valley Windacre Merlot and 2006 Dry Creek Valley Jones Vineyard Cabernet Franc.

This tasting was one of the best tasting we've had in a long time. Thanks again, Merriam Vineyards and staff!


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