Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Musical in the City - Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing - Sign bw
Mijo and I saw the Broadway show Dirty Dancing The Classic Story on Stage the other day. It was very entertaining, the music was great and the dancing was phenomenal. 

I like the movie but I liked the Broadway show even more. 

I was delighted when I heard that Dirty Dancing was finally coming to San Francisco.  I was equally glad to hear a good friend of mine Dinah gave good reviews when she saw the show. This was my go signal to see the show.

It was on a rainy Thursday evening when Mijo and I saw the Broadway show Dirty Dancing at the Golden Gate Theatre. We both braved the cold, wind and the rain. Mijo and I love the movie which stars the late Patrick Swayze and neither the rain nor the cold won't hinder us from seeing the show.

The production has a lot more dancing and talking than singing which is not the usual Broadway show I am acustomed to.  I am no dance connoiseur but I've seen lots of dance shows and San Francisco Ballet productions so I appreciate a good dance performance. I can say that the Dirty Dancing production did a wonderful job making the movie come to life on stage. Kudos to the cast and crew. Baby was played by Rachel Boone. Penny Johnson by Jenny Winton and Johnny was played by Christopher Tierney.
Dirty Dancing - SHN

The production followed the movie with some wonderful additions, of course. I loved their use of technology with the stage design where they managed to make the scenes with meadows and lakes lively and funny. I also enjoyed the live renditions of the song The Time of My Life.
Dirty Dancing - Golden Gate Theatre

Dirty Dancing is playing at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco through March 10, 2016.


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