Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunrise Easter Service in the City - Service at Mt. Davidson Cross

Mt. Davidson - Cross bw
I can't believe that I've lived in the city for almost 20 years now and I haven't been to the Sunrise Easter Service on Mt. Davidson? 

Thanks to my friends and neighbors Noel and Dennis, I finally made it to the annual Sunrise Easter Service on Easter Sunday. It was not just to celebrate one of Christianity's important days but also to celebrate the sense of community in the city.

I was talking to another neighbor when I learned that the Mt. Davidson Cross was going to be lit on Saturday evening in preparation for the next day's Sunrise Easter Service. I've been wanting to be at the service and also to see the cross lit so I decided to check it out on Saturday evening. 
Mt. Davidson - Saturday evening lighting

There was still a bit of sunshine left when I got to the Vista Point of Mt. Davidson. I coudn't tell it was still light from the street below. I had to wait for a little while to get dark. I walked around the Vista Point while waiting and took a couple of shots.
Mt. Davidson - Vista Point SF downtown 

Here's a view of the cross from one of its sides.
  Mt. Davidson - Cross from the side 

After 30 mins, the sun is finally setting and the spot lights on the cross was starting to become obvious. There were a couple of guys manning the lights and the generators. There were also families and individuals who came to see the cross being lit that evening. It was a beautiful sight.
  Mt. Davidson - Saturday evening lighting 1 

My friends and neighbors Noel and Dennis and I planned to meet at their house at 6:30 in the morning the next day. The Mt. Davidson Cross is just a few minutes hike from their house. I live down the hill from them.
  Mt. Davidson - Easter Sunday walking toward the cross 

The service was scheduled to start at 7am. We got there a little before that and the place was already  crowded. There were volunteer passing around the service program.  The crowd was pretty good mix of people. Some of them look like they came from the gym, came from a jog, or came dressed to go to church. I came with my coffee mug and dressed in layers.
  Mt. Davidson - Easter Sunday sunrise service 

The service was beautiful. It was non denominational and the style is a mix of Catholic, Episcopal, Evangelical, and Baptist. The worship music reflected that too. There was a sense of overwhelming happiness because of what Easter stands for. I also felt a sense of community, that I truly feel I am a part of the city and this community.
  Mt. Davidson - Easter Sunday mass 

More views of Mt. Davidson park and trails. I cannot believe how nature and urban can be close to each other everytime I look at these pictures. This is why I love San Francisco!
  Mt. Davidson - Visa Point San Bruno Mt. Davidson - Trail Mt. Davidson - Cross from the side 
  Mt. Davidson - Visa Point SF Mt. Davidson - Trail to Dalewood Way Mt. Davidson - Trail from cross 


PS. Mt. Davidson is accessible via Muni Bus #36. The bus has stops at the Forest Hill Muni underground station and Glen Park BART station.
  Mt. Davidson - Muni Stop

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