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Lunch in Napa Valley - Market, An American Eatery

Market - Front door by roland luistro, on FlickrMijo and I went to Napa for a lunch date with Mijo's relatives. We all went to a place in St. Helena called Market.  It was our second time to go there.

We like going to Market because of good food and friendly service. I did not have a chance to blog it the last time so I am blogging about this this time. 

Mijo and I left the city about two and half hours before our lunch reservation at 1:30pm at a restaurant called Market. We thought of driving to Napa early so we would have time to walk around downtown St. Helena. I do like the villagey feel of the area and check out the shops dotting the place.

Traffic was bad that weekend so we kindof got to the restaurant about 5 minutes early. We had to illegally park at a grocery store parking lot to save time looking for parking. St. Helena, as always, seems busy. Lot of people walking on the sidewalk. I noticed that the city is having a sidewalk sale. Each shop put together displays of their merchandise on the sidewalk. The displays were so beautiful and enticing as if there was a contest for the shop with the prettiest displays. Maybe, there was?

Mijo's relatives were already waiting for us when we got to Market's front door. Mijo's relatives are quite popular in St. Helena's social circle so I will not mention their names here. In fact, the owner or manager of the restaurant welcomed them as if they were his family.

The lunch crowd was laid back and seemed to be enjoying their food. I got excited just by noticing the diners. Mijo and I have been here two years ago and we enjoyed their good service and good food.
Market - Crowd

This is their freebie bread which was warm to the touch. Crunchy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside.  I love freebies!
  Market - Freebie bread 

We decided to get this 2013 Sauvignon Blanc by Salvestrin which was perfect for pairing with our lunch. Salvestrin is a local winery. Local as in St. Helena. Mijo and I saw their winery from the highway and we made a mental note to visit this winery  next time.
  Market - Salvestrin 2013 Sauvignon Blanc

We ordered lots of things, good things. 

Here's the Chipotle Braised pork belly. Decadently tasty.
Market - Chipotle braised pork belly 

We also ordered ahi tartare, fish and chips, crispy calamary to be shared by everyone on the table. Everything was delicious! Again, the wine was a perfect pairing for the food.
  Market - Ahi tartare Market - Fish n Chips Market - Crispy calamari

I didn't want to eat a lot that day so I decided to order their Crab Louie. Super fresh and tasty.
Market - Crab Louie 

For dessert, we shared this apple pear cranberry galette in all its creamy caramel fruity goodness.
Market - Apple pear cranberry galette

Ok. I've had s'mores but not freshly prepared like this and by myself. It came with a portable flame to roast the marshmallow. It was good at the same time interactive because I was part of the process.
   Market - Campfire S'mores Market - Roasting Marshmallow
Market - Burnt marshmallow Market - Graham crackers chocolate peanut butter

Here are the only two pictures I saved from our first visit to Market. 

My favorite freebie freshly baked muffins. They were also warm to the touch. Lightly crunchy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside.
Market - Freebie muffins 

Here's an andouille sausage scramble that came in a cast iron grill with country potatoes. It was very delicious, I remember.
  Market - Andouille Sausage scramble

Mijo and I had wonderful experience in the couple of times we've been to Market.
Market is on St. Helena highway in St. Helene downtown.


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