Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Lunch in the City - The Italian Homemade Company

North Beach - Italian Homemade Company by roland luistro, on FlickrMijo and I like to eat. For us, good food is not necessarily expensive but it should be delicious and well made. Bonus points if it happens to be easy on the  budget.

We just recently discovered this place in the city's North Beach neighborhood that serves both inexpensive and good food. The Italian Homemade Company was a hit for us!

Mijo and I did a little staycation during the last holiday weekend. One of our destinations in the City was North Beach. In fact, the main reason we went to North Beach was to have an Italian dish for lunch. We found The Italian Homemade Company at the northern part of North Beach, an area where it is already outside the area where most restaurants are concentrated.

North Beach - Italian Homemade Company sign 

We did a little self walking tour of the North Beach. We love walking around the neighborhood and pretend we are somewhere in Italy, though, the houses and skyscrapers nearby are very San Francisco. We arrived at the restaurant way after lunch hours. Other than a group of four people in one table eating pizza, the restaurant was practically empty. There were three or four people running the restaurant and they all speak Italian. We've come to the right place, I thought to my self.

  Italian Homemade Company - Crowd 

We looked at the menu. Just like when we are at a place we've not been before, we took longer than normal to decide what to get. We were looking for pizza but no pizza in the menu. Which was odd because we just saw a group inside the restaurant eating pizza.

We decided to finally order one of their 'special of the day' items, a squid ink pasta with fish roe.
We also decided to get a Cassoni, a filled flat bread. I never had a cassoni before but it sounded good.

  North Beach - Italian Homemade Company menu 

While waiting for our food to be served, I noticed that customers come in and out of the restaurant either buying cooked food or buying fresh pasta. While I am no connoisseur of pasta, I've eaten lots of pasta from homemade fresh pasta and I've traveled to Italy several times. So at least, I think I know a good Italian food from bad. I am a fan of anything homemade and fresh so I kind of like the idea of buying our next past fresh.

  North Beach - Homemade tagliatelle North Beach - Homemade pasta 
  North Beach - Homemade fettuccine

We decided to drink an Italian soda that day.
North Beach - Italian Homemade Company soda

Finally, our food arrived. This squid ink pasta with bottarga or fish roe.
The noodles, as expected, were al dente. The bottarga was perfect. Not too fishy, not too salty.
We didn't mind the paper plate. The restaurant is probably saving water.
North Beach - Italian Homemade Company pasta 
Mijo and I also shared a cassoni. I've never had a cassoni before. It is a grilled filled flat bread. Crunchy on the outside, gooey and delicous on the inside. I was not able to figure out the white sauce. Very subtle flavor but the taste blended well with everything.
North Beach - Italian Homemade Company cassoni

The cost of the lunch is what we consider inexpensive. The manager or owner even talked to us about the food we were eating in a sweet Italian accented English.

The Italian Homemade Company is located on Columbus Ave. near Greenwich St. 
We're definitely going back!


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