Sunday, June 07, 2015

Nature in the City - 75th Anniversary and Community Day at the SF Botanical Garden

SF Botanical Garden - Poster by roland luistro, on FlickrThe San Francisco Botanical Garden recently had a Community Day to celebrate the garden's 75th anniversary.

There were informational booths, cultural music and performances, walking tours and other activities that day. Mijo and I had an enjoyable and relaxing day.

Mijo and I saw the sign regarding San Francisco Botanical Garden's Community Day and 75th Anniversary while walking back to the car parked nearby.  We were in the same area the day before when Mijo and I went to De Young Museum's Friday Nights at the Museum.  Mijo and I decided that we should go back the next day to check it out.
We did. We checked out the scene a little after 12noon. The Botanical Garden's main entrance is off Ninth Ave. and Lincoln Way. That area is always lively and crowded with people jogging, walking the dog and also because of nearby restaurants and shops.
SF Botanical Garden - 75th Anniversarry 
As always, locals go in for free. Donations and support are always welcome. (Please go to their website to learn ways how to support the Botanical Garden.)
SF Botanical Garden - Donation Box

There are booths dotting the areas near the entrance and near the Great Meadow. Speaking of Great Meadow, there were performances and music being held in the middle of the area. Lots of people congregated around a small stage in the middle of the Great Meadow. Mijo and I stayed there until the program ended.
SF Botanical Garden - Urban Bee SF Botanical Garden - Great Meadow 
SF Botanical Garden - Great Meadow performances SF Botanical Garden - Festivities 
We didn't want to leave right away so we decided to check out the Redwood Grove of the Botanical Garden. I have been to the Botanical Garden several times but I haven't been to the Redwood Grove. We got ourselves a map of the garden. 

Even with a map on hand, it is still easy to get lost inside the Botanical gardens. Thank God for the many volunteers at the park that day. Google maps also works.
Also, try to pace yourself while inside the garden. There are also benches on the pathways  to sit and relax.

To get there, we decided we went through the Temperate Asia garden where I found these lush bamboos. I love the sound of the bamboo leaves every time the wind blows. So relaxing. It took me back to my childhood memories of my summers in the Philippines. 
SF Botanical Garden - Bamboo 
This one I like. The signs says it is from Japan and it is called Liliceae.
SF Botanical Garden - Liliaceae 
We passed by this pond called Dwarf Conifer pond before we reached the Mesoamerican Cloud Forest.
SF Botanical Garden - Dwarf Conifer Pond SF Botanical Garden - Pond

My favorite in the Mesoamerican Cloud Forest is this Apulca Pine from Central Mexico.
SF Botanical Garden - Apulca Pine SF Botanical Garden - Apulca Pine upclose

Next, we got to the California Native Garden. Lots of beautiful poppies and meadow flowers in this garden.  I didn't want to shoot these flowers using my iPhone so I brought my Canon DSLR and my macro lens.
SF Botanical Garden - California poppies 
SF Botanical Garden - California poppy 
Here are the rest of the flowers. I noticed that this area is a favorite of the bees. I was glad to see that bees thrive in the botanical garden.
SF Botanical Garden - Yellow flower with bee SF Botanical Garden - Purple flower with bee   
SF Botanical Garden - Orange Flower SF Botanical Garden - Little white flower 
SF Botanical Garden - Magnoliaceae 
We finally reached the Redwood Grove. I must say the section seems like a popular garden. Stepping in this garden is like going to the Redwood forests of Northern California. 
SF Botanical Garden - Redwood grove pano 
I felt really small being next to these giant trees. Since we just wanted to see the Redwood Grove that day, we decided to start making our way out.
  SF Botanical Garden - Redwood Cove looking up 

Somehow we got to the border of Mesoamerican Cloud Forest and New Zealand gardens.
  SF Botanical Garden - Agave SF Botanical Garden - Xanthorhoea

We walked further and reached the Zellerbach Garden of Perennials.
SF Botanical Garden - Moon Viewing Garden SF Botanical Garden - Quiet garden

And then the Waterfowl Pond where lots of ducks congregate. 
SF Botanical Garden - Waterfowl Pond 

Thank you SF Botanical Garden for a refreshing day. 
Happy 75th Anniversary!



renelee said...

nice shots of the flowers with the bees!!

Roland L. said...

thanks, renelee! :)