Friday, October 31, 2014

Tea in the City - Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden - Main Gate by roland luistro, on FlickrIt has been years since the last time I was at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

I added a stop at the Japanese Tea Garden as part of my mom's site seeing itinerary because of selfish reasons.  I wanted to go back to the Japanese Tea Garden.  It was all good because my mom enjoyed our stop there.

We stopped by the Japanese Tea Garden after we finished a docent tour at the De Young Museum. I thought a break would be good so sitting down and having snack at the Japanese Tea Garden was a great idea.

The De Young Museum and the Japanese Tea Garden are next to each and both are in an area of the Golden Gate Park that is called the Music Concourse. There is a cover charge to go in the garden. My mom got a Senior non-resident discount while I got a resident discount.

Japanese Tea Garden - Bridge

We walked around the garden to check out the tranquil scenery.  There are also landmarks around the garden that make for a great photo op such as Buddha statue, pagodas, the arched drum bridge, koi ponds, stone lanterns, and zen gardens. The cherry trees blossom in the Spring.

Japanese Tea Garden - Gate

Since the Japanese Tea Garden is within the Golden Gate Park, being inside the garden makes you feel like you are not in the city. All the noise is cancelled out by the greenery.

Japanese Tea Garden - Pond

Japanese Tea Garden - Buddha

After walking around the zen garden, my mom and I decided to sit down and have tea. Here's what the cafe looks like from the outside.

Japanese Tea Garden - Cafe and pond

Here's what the cafe looks like from the inside. For a Thursday morning, there were a lot of people at the cafe.

Japanese Tea Garden - Inside Cafe

My mom decided to get the Kuzomochi and Tea cookies to pair with our Hojicha and jasmine tea. It is amazing how these cookies can fill you up. 
We skipped lunch that day.

Japanese Tea Garden - Kuzumochi and Tea house cookies

After cracking the fortune cookies, we decided to line up our fortunes. After our snack, we also checked out the Tea Garden gift shop because my mom wanted to get another fridge magnet. The gift shop has lots of little Japanese goodies.
Japanese Tea Garden - Fortunes

I am thankful that my mom enjoyed her visit to the Japanese Tea Garden. I also have a renewed experience at the Japanese Tea Garden.


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