Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Concert at the Winery - Daryll Hall and John Oates

Hall and Oates - Mountain Winery by roland luistro, on FlickrGrowing up, I used to hurry home from school so I can make it on time for MTV.  MTV and the 80s music were a big part of my teenage years and Hall and Oates were part of that too. 

So when Mijo and I learned that Hall and Oates will be at the Mountain Winery, we didn't waste time and bought tickets. We had a great time.

Mountain Winery is located up in the hills of Saratoga, south of San Francisco. The narrow winding roads after exiting the freeways lead to the venue. We were at the Mountain Winery two years ago when we saw Duran Duran.

Hall and Oates - Winding Road

The venue is pretty because it has lots of greenery and is also surrounded with vineyards.

Hall and Oates - Vineyards

A great view of Silicon Valley can be seen from Mountain Winery since it is pretty high up.

Hall and Oates - Valley View

On our way to the concert area, I saw this picturesque view of the amphitheatre. I can feel the weather is changing because it was a little cool that evening.

Hall and Oates - Amphitheatre

While waiting, Mijo and I tried this fried green beans for the first time. It was surprisingly good. We paired them with a Pinot Noir from Mountain Winery.

Hall and Oates - Green Beans

Mutlu opened the concert with acoustic singing and some reggae.
I love his strumming and he has a nice soothing voice. It was interesting how a lot of people around me were tuned in to the internet to get updates on the NLCS Game 5 between SF Giants and St. Louis Cardinals while listening to Mutlu.

Hall and Oates - Start

A few moments later, Daryll Hall, John Oates and the rest of the gang appeared on stage. Coincidentally, the San Francisco Giants cliched the NLCS just a few minutes before the start of the main act. So the crowd was already pumped up to welcome Daryll Hall and John Oates.

Because my focus was with the NLCS and not the concert, I forgot to guess which song Daryll and Hall were going to open the show. They opened with Maneater. 
Lots of memories from my teenage years as soon as they started playing.

Hall and Oates - Private Eyes

We were seated far away enough that I couldn't see a clear look on their faces.  I also forgot to bring a binoculars I use when we go to the Opera and Ballet. As for me, lots of memories were brough back from listening to this great pair. I can't help but get nostalgic everytime I see my favorite band or singer. They always take me back to my childhood and teenage days.

Hall and Oates - 70s hits

They sang my favorites like Out of Touch, Say It Isn't So and I Can't Go For That. They had an encore and they sang Rich Girl and You Make my Dreams. We left after the encore thinking that that was it.
While walking to the parking lot, we heard the crowd went wild and then the song Kiss On My List.
Hall and Oates - Kiss on My List

It was a great night watching Daryll Hall and John Oates. 


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