Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pizzeria in the City - Gialina

Gialina by roland luistro, on FlickrGialina is becoming our default restaurant whenever Mijo and I have an evening show to go to.  It is not a secret that Gialina is one of our favorite pizzerias. 

We went to see a couple of Broadway shows within the past three weeks and guess where we went to get a quick bite to eat? Gialina!

Not only because Gialina makes one of the best pizzas in town, it is also very near Glen Park BART station. This makes Gialina a perfect default place to eat whenever Mijo and I is catching an evening show in Civic Center or Union Square. We are also suckers for anything local. Gialina is as local as it gets.

Our favorite spot to sit? The bar. 
We get to talk to the friendly guys and gals at Gialina when we sit at the bar. We also get to see all the plates ready to be served and this gives us an idea what to try the next time.

Here's what we ordered and liked.

We always pair our food with a carafe of their Montepulcianno Abruzzo or Primitivo wine. A carafe is about 2/3 a bottle of wine and this is plenty enough to enjoy with food without getting too tipsy before the show.
Pippin the Musical - Gialina Wine

Motown The Musical - Gialina wine

We've tried their pork belly served with creamy polenta. The pair goes well with the wine and the serving is perfect to share for two.
Motown The Musical - Gialina pork belly

On another occasion, we ordered this grilled eggplant with cream and herbs and spices. So simple, yet so tasty and delicious.
Pippin the Musical - Gialina Eggplant

Gialina's pies are usually thin crust so it is perfect to share without getting full before watching a show.

This one is the super delicious pizza with wild nettles and pancetta.
Motown The Musical - Gialina pie

This one is what is call Amatriciana. Both are our favorites.
Pippin the Musical - Gialina Pie

I guess for dessert, we went for their budino. It is a good way to wash the savory pizza flavors. Don't forget to order cafe americano to pair with the budino.
Pippin the Musical - Gialina Budino

Motown The Musical - Gialina

After the quick bites, we hopped on BART and enjoyed the Broadways shows Motown and Pippin on separate occasions.


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