Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Landmark in the City - Golden Gate Bridge views from Vista Point and Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon

Golden Gate Bridge - View from Vista Point by roland luistro, on FlickrOn my mom's third day in the City, I took a break from work around lunch time and drove my mom to the most beloved bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Seeing the Bridge upclose never ceases to amaze me. Its sheer size and intense orange color with the most dramatic background make for a great photo op. My mom is a happy camper.

Even though I've hosted many friends and relatives in the City, I get a renewed awe of the  City's landmarks especially the Golden Gate Bridge.  Driving through it is different from seeing it while showing someone around. Seeing it at a slow pace allows me to take everything in - the Bridge's color, the size, the San Francisco Bay, the hills, etc.

I have a routine whenever the destination is the Golden Gate Bridge. First stop is the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon which is on the San Francisco side. The next stop on the side of Marin is Vista Point. In this blog, I will give you a virtual tour of what I see when showing someone around.

Here's a view from the parking lot of the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillon. My mom and I got lucky because it was a clear day and no fog.
Golden Gate Bridge - View from the Pavillon parking lot

Here's a view near Battery E trail.
Golden Gate Bridge - Another view from the Pavillon

Here's another view from near the first span of the Bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge - View from the Pavillon

My mom and I didn't walk on the Bridge because she gets tired easily. I took this photo when I showed my Aunt Gloria and my cousin Daisy in 2004.
Golden Gate Bridge

Coming back to the parking lot, we saw this Bridge information and some exhibits how the Bridge works.
Golden Gate Bridge - Exhibit

After a few minutes, my mom and I moved to the other side of the Bridge on the Marin side. That area is called Vista Point. 
Golden Gate Bridge - Another view from Vista Point

Here's the view of downtown from Vista Point. Alcatraz is on the left side of the picture.
Golden Gate Bridge - View of downtown from Vista Point

I tried to do a pano style photo to include Alcatraz, downtown and the Bridge in one picture. The San Francisco Bay is so stunning!
Golden Gate Bridge - Pano view of Vista Point

Here's my mom reading more about Vista Point. She is a happy camper.
Golden Gate Bridge - Vista Point info


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