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Musical in the City - The Book of Mormon

Book Of Mormom - PosterMijo and I were lucky to find limited view seats tickets to The Book of Mormon at the Orpheum Theatre last month amid the Holiday rush.

We missed seeing the musical the last time it was in San Francisco a few years ago so we made sure and prayed hard that we find tickets to this show. And we did and we liked the music, acting and energy of the production.

Since taking photographs is not allowed, these are the closest thing to a proof. Sort of.

I found this view as we were walking up the stairs coming out of the Civic Center station. We were not surprised at all that at 30 minutes before the show started that lots of people were already making their way to the theatre doors.
Book Of Mormom - Orpheum Theatre 

Anyway, I was the one who spotted the available tickets which involved a lot of dedication and focus to check the website everyday. I remember looking one day and all of the night shows were all sold out. There were occasional seats that appeared and they were single seats. But one day, I found two seats. Limited View mezzanine seats. Halleluyah! We'll take the seats. Thank you. The view was not bad. Not at all. It was reminiscent of our seats at The Lion King a year ago.

Book Of Mormom - Tickets Program

I haven't read The Book of Mormon so I do not know if the show has depicted the Latter Day Saints accurately. The show had two Acts and Act 1 opened with a condensed history of how the Mormons came to be. It was followed by an explosive number called Hello! and the setting was at the Missionary Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Basically, the show is a story of young male Mormons and how they go through missionary training and how they are sent to different locations here and abroad. The story centers on a pair of boys, the dashing Elder Price and the shy and nerdy Elder Cunningham. The 2nd Act focused on their mission work and challenges in their mission location - Uganda.

The entire cast delivered great performance. It is a comedy and lots of happy scenes but there were serious moments as well. Nic Rouleau and A.J. Holmes were perfect as Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, respectively. Do you remember Syesha Mercado? Think of American Idol. She played as Nabulungi and was great and entertaining as well. The ensemble's voices were clear as bell. I loved it everytime they sang as a group. I am not sure if the show is rated General Patronage because the show was peppered with others might consider controversial jokes and may not be suitable for young ones and sensitive ones. I thought the jokes were super funny and the timing was impeccable.
Book Of Mormom - Mezzanine

I don't know any Mormons in my network of friends so I don't know what would a Mormon think about the show? 

As always, I try to get a copy of their music as a souvenir so I can listen to them once in a while. I do not know how many of these songs will become classics one day just like the songs in The Wicked, The Lion King, etc.
Book Of Mormom - Music

The Book of Mormon is currently playing at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco through January 19, 2013.


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