Saturday, January 11, 2014

Everyday Coffee in the City - Bella Donovan by Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan
This week, we are sampling a very good coffee blend called Bella Donovan by Blue Bottle Coffee.

I bought this bag from Blue Bottle's Ferry Building location on my way home on New Year's Eve. They have a lot of coffee selections so I just randomly picked a bag of coffee. I got lucky because I picked a really good one.

The New Year holiday is always a great time to open a new bag of coffee. The cold weather and staying home after the holiday parties also make you want to drink more coffee. This week, we decided to open a half pound pound bag of Bella Donovan by Blue Bottle Coffee. We got two bags at their Ferry Building location.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan bag

The Ferry Building location is always packed and there is this party vibe going on everytime I go there.  Though the place seems like it is designed for To Go orders only, people still stick around and linger and hangout. There are only a handful chairs to sit on so folks hangout standing up.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Ferry Building

Here's an old photo I took a few years ago. This was when Dinah and I met up for a coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee's Mint Plaza location.
Blue Bottle Coffee at the Mint Plaza

This organic coffee is a moka and java blend and freshly roasted on Dec. 30, 2013.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Coffee Bags

The beans have this nice blend of chocolate and tropical fruit fragrance. They are dark brown in color. The beans are not at all oily.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan beans

The smell becomes even more pronounced after the grinding process. Since our Moccamaster coffee drip has a tringular bottom, we use the fine option on the grinder. Bella Donovan has an earthy, chocolate, a bit citrus and tropical fruit flavors. It took me a while to figure out but the hint is like a combination of banana and a fruit called jack fruit (or langka in Tagalog). I definitely like it. 
Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan ground

So far, we've paired this coffee with pastries, cakes and breakfast. This coffee is absolutely good.

First, we paired this coffee with pastries from Miette. Since Miette is across from the Blue Bottle Coffee's Ferry Building location, we decided to drink our first cups of brewed coffee with Miette's Banana Creme Tartlette and Ginger Bread cupcakes.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Miette pastries
Here, we paired the coffee with sweet fruit cakes.  The citrus flavor of the coffee is more obvious when drinking the coffee with really sweet pastries.  I didn't know this since I drink my coffee without sugar.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan fruit cake

We also paired this coffee with breakfast. A savory bagel from Noah's Bagel and a homemade waffle with maple syrup.
Blue Bottle Cofee - Bella Donovan waffle bagel

Like what we say in Tagalog, Sarap! 
We have to sample the rest of Blue Bottle Coffee's coffee selections next time.


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