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Dining in the City - M.Y. China

M.Y. China - EntranceDuring the Holiday season, Mijo and I went for the first time to M.Y. China restaurant under the Dome of the SF Center. The proliferation of inexpensive take out Chinese restaurants in the city sort of makes us rarely go to nice sit down Chinese restaurants. 

Though, there are two or three restaurants we've been wanting to try, Mijo and I decided to splurge a little bit on Chinese dining. The food at M.Y. China is high quality and delicious. I am glad we tried it.

Not counting the 20 buck meals we've had at Hong Sing, I think the last time we sat down for a nice Chinese meal was at Yank Sink for dim sum. No offense to Chinese take out places but they made Chinese food  easily available and fast. So when we go to  a sit-down Chinese restaurant, we appreciate the difference and variety of dishes and sometimes the difference in quality. M.Y. China gave us a good overall dining experience. I think M.Y. stand for Martin Yan, as in, the international food television star and author Martin Yan.

First, we decided to start with this 2012 California Red wine blend by Smashberry. Since we were thinking of ordering a Peking duck, we went for red. This is a refreshing red.
M.Y. China - 2012 California Red blend Smashberry 

While waiting for our orders, Mijo went to the men's room so I had time to look around and take pictures around the restaurant. This was our view from the restaurant - under the Dome.
M.Y. China - View of the Dome 

Our first order was the the Dumpling Trio. It consisted of 2 wild boar, 2 pork and crab and 2 pork and black truffle. I am not a dimsum expert but this one has broth inside, kindof like the dimsums we had in the Maokong area of Taipei. They were super delicious and clean and simple presentation.
  M.Y. China - Juice Dumpling Trio 
Here's a close look of one of the dimsums.
  M.Y. China - Juice Dumpling Trio dumpling 

Here comes our next order - the Peking Roast Duck.
  M.Y. China - Crowd 
It came with the housemade rice buns, roast duck meat and crunchy skin served with green onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce. This dish is what I call engaging because you need to put them together.
  M.Y. China - Peking Roast Duck 
Step 1. Get some meat.
  M.Y. China - Peking Roast Duck meat 
Step 2. Select a bun.
  M.Y. China - Peking Roast Duck buns 
Step 3. Put hoisin sauce with the meat on the bun. Garnish with green onions and cucumber. 
Voila! It was a perfect match. The meat's saltiness blended well with the mildly sweet bun. The dimsum and this were enough to make us full but we ordered some more.
  M.Y. China - Peking Roast Duck bun 

The Peking Roast duck was a tough act to follow but this noodle was also a hit. The main ingredients was extraordinary and very tasty. It was crispy but it became soft when mixed with the ingredients. Since we were already full, we brough home most of this dish.
  M.Y. China - Crispy Noodles 

We also wanted to try this brown rice.  It is called Forbidden Rice and consisted of brown rice, red rice,  barley and wolfberry. I actually tasted the rice and it is a dish in its own. We also brought most of this dish home because we were full and wanted room for dessert.
  M.Y. China - Forbidden Rice 

Since we made room for dessert, we decided to get this Sugar Egg puffs with chocolate fondue, vanilla bean chantilly cream, raspberry coulis. They were a perfect way to wash down all the savory tastes.
M.Y. China - Sugar Egg puffs

Here's a view of the bar. Maybe next time we will sit by the bar and try their signature drinks.
  M.Y. China - Kitchen view

We will definitely come back to try their signature noodle dishes and stir fry dishes.


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