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Landmark in the City - America's Cup Park at Pier 27/29

America's Cup Park - Sculpture
After learning the overview of the race of the America's Cup by checking out the America's Cup Village at the Marina Greens, I've been curious to see its other venue at the Pier 27/29.

Mijo and I did visit the America's Cup Park and learned  more about the race which made me appreciate it more. Once again, the weather did not dissapoint which     brought out the beauty of the San Francisco Bay all the more.

It was the Semi Finals between the Swedish Team Artemis and the Italian Team Luna Rossa that day. Though we did not see the actual race because I was with my friends Dinah and Karen at the Pistahan event at Yerba Buena. Mijo and I made it to the awarding ceremony.

America's Cup Park - Toward the City

The photo above was  taken along Pier 27 looking into the city and the one below was taken also along Pier 27 but looking to the bay with the America's Cup Both views are stunning! The sun was so bright that it was hard to balance the low and the highlights but the pictures still came out fine.

America's Cup Park - Toward the Bay

There were sail boats docked next to the pier. Since I don't know anything about boats, all I could think of is their monetary value and the amount of tax or the equivalent of real estate tax for boats. I also realized that I don't know anyone who owns a boat. And if I did know anyone, that friend has not invited me for a sail. If I was rich, would I own boats? 

America's Cup Park - Semi Finals

The photo above is the awarding ceremony for the Swedish Team Artemis. They actually did not win but there was still a ceremony for that.

America's Cup Park - Louis Vuitton store

For those who adores Louis Vuitton, there is a small mothership located on the edge of Pier 27. I thought it is just fitting for Louis Vuitton to have a a pop up store there since they are a major sponsor. Most of the merchandise here have the America's Cup logo imprinted on them. I was happy to see a Louis Vuitton San Francisco city guide. This is probably the only thing I can afford to buy in the store.

America's Cup Park - Farina

After the tour, we went to the Napa Valley lounge where Mijo and I shared a small pizza by Farina while watching the Italian Team Luna Rossa win the Semi finals. They will face the New Zealand Team for the Louis Vuitton Cup. The winner here will face the defending champion Team USA Oracle. 

America's Cup Park - Pizza

After lunch, we queued up for the Flying On Water Cinema which is free by the way. 

America's Cup Park - Experience Flying on Water

Even though it is just a couple of short film that looked more like advertisements, they took me close enough to the race. Though sail boats can zoom really fast on the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay. Lots of stunning shots of the boats with the water and the Bay and the city. If you have extra time, I truly recommend checking this out.

America's Cup Park - Experience Flying on Water show

There was a band rehearsing at the America's Cup Pavilion that afternoon.

America's Cup Park - Pavilion

There was also a hands on museum next to the cinema where they show memorabillas from past America's Cup. They also have on display the gear used by the sailors. These guys are like atheletes during the race and these gears provide them with the optimum comfort while sprinting on the boats at the same time maximum safety.
America's Cup Park - Sailing Gear

I especially like the hands on displays. There was a device that mimics how waves work.

.America's Cup Park - Hands on experience

There is also this table top sail boat race with the use of these fans with varying wind direction and gusts.
America's Cup Park - Sail Boat Race

I am glad Mijo and I checked the America's Cup Park out. The best part is that it is free of charge.

America's Cup Park - Poster


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