Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cocktails in the City - Hog & Rocks

Hog and Rocks - CocktailsWe went to Hog & Rocks for our Thursday cocktails. The first time I saw Hog & Rocks was when we were looking for parking around the Mission District and I used to see this place packed with people on a Friday evening. It must be the cocktails, I thought to myself.

Thankfully, Hog & Rocks was next to our 'list of cocktails to try' and we went there last Thursday. They truly have good and innovative cocktails!

Mijo and I got there early so the crowd wasn't as thick as I expected. Getting to  a place early has advantages. One of them is the extra good service and full attention from the restaurant staff including getting recommendations regarding cocktails and the appetizer that they go well with.
Hog and Rocks - Early crowd

Even though Hog & Rocks is more popular as a ham and oyster bar, we came here to sample their  cocktails. Their cocktail and spirits menu is short which I liked because it is easier to narrow down our choices. I did follow our server's advice and I went for their Penang Punch. This drink has Mt. Gay black rum, tamarind, kaffir lime, bitters, chili, soda. It is a refreshing drink that has hint of lime and has a kick to it. It has a lighter consistency compared to the tamarindo drinks sold at taquerias.

Hog and Rocks - Penang Punch

Mijo also took our server's advice and ordered a drink called Peaches en Regalla. This drink has Peach-infused old grand dad 100 proof bourbon, orange,horehound, lemon, egg white, vanilla-anise peach chip. This drink is fruity, very fragrant with a semi thick consistency.
Hog and Rocks - Peaches en Regalla

We paired our drinks with these light items. The first one is pretzel with whipped creme cheese. The pretzel was fluffy on the inside and soft and chewy crust.

Hog and Rocks - Pretzel

The fries is a combination of spiced fries and fries smothered in egg yolk. I prefer the spiced one over the other just because the one smothered in egg yolk got soggy when it got cold.
Hog and Rocks - Fries

For our next drink, Mijo and I decided to share this drink called Old Fashioned which has Old Fitzgerald bourbon, orange & Angostura bitters. This one packs full body with hints of orange.

Hog and Rocks - Old Fashioned

Hog & Rocks is on 19th between Mission St. and Valencia in San Francisco's Mission District.


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