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Festival in the City - SF Chefs 2013

SF Chef 2013 - Program Book
Mijo and I do not consider ourselves foodies, so far from it really. We are both in the tech industry, though, we do enjoy good food and drinks.  

It is the month of August once again in the city and this meant it is time again for SF Chefs. Mijo and I went to the Grand Tasting Tent Saturday Day event and we absolutely enjoyed it!  

This year, SF Chefs had four grand tasting events - Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night, and Sunday day - each having its own theme. We went to the Grand Tasting Saturday day themed The Five Tastes: Bitter, Sour, Salty, Sweet and Umami.

SF Chefs 2013 - Entrance

They had other events before the Grand Tasting events that weekend but they were all equally popular and they were sold out quickly. We tried getting tickets to the Bar Bites: Sips and Tastes from the Best Bars in the Bay on a Thursday evening at the Westin St. Francis but it was not meant for us to go because it was sold out as well. Don't fret because the weekend turned out to be a good ending because we were able to go to the Saturday day tasting event.

SF Chefs 2013 - Crowd

For the Saturday day, they let people in in three batches. First the VIPs. Thirty minutes later was the second batch. At 1:15pm, the last batch. We were with the last batch. I liked this pacing better than the last years'. This is probably why it was not too crowded inside the tent. The main stage was hosted by Chef Ryan Scott. A portion of the proceeds to benefit La Cocina.

The food was amazing. I had so many favorites this year. Instead of tasting the wines separately like how we've done it in the past, we paired them with the food this time. We fully enjoyed both the food and the wine this way.

SF Chefs 2013 - Pepper Prawn Pluots by Sutro's
Dish: Pepper Prawn Pluots
Restaurant: Sutro's at The Cliff House
Chef: David Seawell

SF Chefs 2013 - Caramel Popcorn with Truffle Salt by Calafia Cafe
Dish: Caramel Popcorn with Truffle Salt
Restaurant: Calafia Café
Chef: Charlie Ayers

SF Chefs 2013 - Unnamed dish by Scala's Bistro
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Scala's Bistro
Chef: Larry Finn

SF Chefs 2013 - Cloudy Bay Clams New Zealand
Dish: Cloudy Bay Clams with ginger lime syrup
Restaurant: unnamed restaurant from New Zealand
Chef: not indicated

SF Chefs 2013 - Unnamed dish by Hog and Rocks
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Hog and Rocks
Chef: Robin Song

SF Chefs 2013 - Unnamed dish by Hi Lo BBQ
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Hi Lo BBQ
Chef: Robin Song

SF Chefs 2013 - Unnamed dish by Campton Place Restaurant
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Campton Place
Chef: Srijith Gopinathan

SF Chefs 2013 - Brasserie S&P
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Brasserie S&P
Chef: Adam Mali

SF Chefs 2013 - Beef short ribs by 1300 on Fillmore
Dish: Maple Syrup Braised Boneless Short rib with cream organic corn crispy shallots
Restaurant: 1300 on Fillmore
Chef: David Lawrence

SF Chef 2013 - Wild King Salmon by Chaya
Dish: Fort Bragg Kobujime wild king salmon with seaweed salad with yuzo kosho vinaigrette
Restaurant: Chaya Brasserie
Chef: Yuko Kajino

SF Chefs 2013 - Tuna Tartar by Scoma's
Dish: Fresh Hawaiian Ahi Tuna tartar with house made wonton crisps
Restaurant: Scoma's Restaurant
Chef: Alan Fairhurst

SF Chefs 2013 - Tuna by Poggio
Dish: Yellowfin tuna, castelvetrano olives, cucumbers, radish, fennel, calabrian chili
Restaurant: Poggio
Chef: Benjamin Balesteri

SF Chefs 2013 - Canica de Chicharon by Copita
Dish: Canica de Chicharon
Restaurant: Copita Tequileria y Comida
Chef: Joanne Weir and Gonzalo Rivera

SF Chefs 2013 - Tlyacoyos by Tres
Dish: Tlyacoyos
Restaurant: Tres Tequila Lounge & Mexican Kitchen
Chef: Juan Martinez

SF Chefs 2013 - Sweet Corn Bisque by Palomino
Dish: Sweet Corn Bisque
Restaurant: Palomino
Chef: Adam Jones

SF Chefs 2013 - Sfomatina by Perbacco
Dish: Sformatino of summer peppers, marinated anchovies basil
Restaurant: Perbacco Ristorante + Bar
Chef: Staffan Terje

SF Chefs 2013 - Radish Cakes by Azalina
Dish: Radish cakes grilled duck fat marinated chicken
Restaurant: Azalina
Chef: not indicated

SF Chefs 2013 - Pork waffle by Public House
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Public House
Chef: Jorge Lumbreras

SF Chefs 2013 - Pork sliders by The Whole Beast
Dish: Pork sliders
Restaurant: The Whole Beast
Chef: John Fink

SF Chefs 2013 - Pork Kimchee Potstickers by E&O Asian Kitchen
Dish: Pork Kimchee Potstickers
Restaurant: E&O Asian Kitchen
Chef: Sharon Nahm

SF Chefs 2013 - Casoncelli by Ristobar
Dish: Casoncelli
Restaurant: Ristobar
Chef: Michelle Belotti

SF Chefs 2013 - Poached Octopus by Salt House
Dish: Olive oil poached octopus squid ink sofrito
Restaurant: Salt House
Chef: Vernon Morales

SF Chefs 2013 - Noodle bowls by Fine Dining
Dish: Soy braised flat iron steak noodle bowls with edamame
Restaurant: Fine Cooking
Chef: not indicated

SF Chefs 2013 - Lark Creek Steak
Dish: not indicated
Restaurant: Lark Creek Steak
Chef: Ismael Macias

SF Chefs 2013 - Gelato in Brioche by Gelateria Delfina
Dish: Gelato in Brioche
Restaurant: Gelateria Delfina
Chef: not indicated

SF Chefs 2013 - Lamb Jerky by Grills Gone Wild
Dish: lamb jerky
Restaurant: Grills Gone Wild
Chef: not indicated

SF Chefs 2013 - Macarons by La Boulange 
Dish: french macarons
Restaurant: La Boulange
Chef: not indicated

  SF Chefs 2013 - Dubliner cheese by Kerrygold
Kerrygold Dubliner cheese

SF Chefs 2013 - Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery 
Wine/winery: Ferrari Carano
Appelation: Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino County

  SF Chefs 2013 - John Evan Cellars

Wine/winery: John Evan Cellars 
Appelation: Livermore Valley

SF Chefs 2013 - Justin Vineyards and Winery 

Wine/winery: Justin Vineyards and Winery
Appelation: Paso Robles

SF Chefs 2013 - Landmark
Wine name: Landmark Vineyards
Appelation: Sonoma Coast

SF Chefs 2013 - Northstar wines 
Wine name: 

  SF Chefs 2013 - Periquita by Jose Maria da Fonseca
Wine name: Northstar
Appelation: Washington State wines

SF Chefs 2013 - Wines of Rhone Valley
 Wine name: Vidal Fleury
Appelation: Rhone Valley

  SF Chefs 2013 - Wines of New Zealand
Wine name: Mt. Difficulty
Appelation: New Zealand

SF Chefs 2013 - Wines of Chile
Appelation: Chile

  SF Chefs 2013 - SF Breweries
Beer: Organic Valencia Wheat 
Brewery: Thirsty Bear 

Beer: Saison Du Chalet de la Plage 
Brewery: Beach Chalet

SF Chefs 2013 - Negroni Sbagliato by Campari America
Cocktail name: Negroni Sbagliato, campari, vermouth, prosecco
Distillery: Campari America


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