Sunday, August 12, 2012

SF Chefs in the City - Chefs and Restaurants

SF Chefs 2012 - The Tasting TentLast year was our first time to attend a SF Chef Food and Wine Tasting Tent event and we absolutely enjoyed it.  This year, we decided to do it again. 

Having learned lessons like pacing ourselves especially with the wines, this years we were able to sample almost every restaurant featured during the Saturday afternoon grand tent tasting.

If budget and time permit, we want to do this again next year.  

Here are the ones we sampled. Drumroll please...

SF Chefs 2012 - Local Sardines
Dish: Cured local sardines, olive oil potato puree, wild fennel salsa verde 
Restaurant: Perbacco Ristorante + Bar 
Chef: Staffan Terje 

SF Chefs 2012 - Blood Sausage White Corn Pudding
  Dish: Stone Valley Farm Blood sausage white corn pudding 
Restaurant: The Village Pub 
Chef: Dimitry Elperin 

SF Chefs 2012 - Local Burrata cheese
Dish: Local burrata cheese, fig leaf ashed rind, golden beet and zante grape relish 
Restaurant: Maverick
Chef: Emmanuel Eng

SF Chefs 2012 - Ceviche
Dish: Ceviche 
Restaurant: Copita Tequileria y Comida 
Chef: Joanne Weir

  SF Chefs 2012 - Burrata Tuscan Kali Ciabatta 
Dish: Burrate, tuscan kale, ciabatta 
Restaurant: Pizza Antica 
Chef: Bradley Ceynowa

  SF Chefs 2012 - Sopresata Tortolino Salame and Brittle 
Dish: Sopressata tortilla espanola, sopressata salame biscuit with pickled peppers, finocchiono brittle with anchocherry dust 
Restaurant: not indicated 
Chef: not indicated

  SF Chefs 2012 - Mixed Berries Shortbread 
Dish: Mixed Berry Shortcake 
Restaurant: Marissaa Churchill 
Chef: Sweet and Skinny Driscolls, Kerrygold

  SF Chefs 2012 - Petit Farcis a la Provencal 
Dish: Petite farcis à la provençale 
Restaurant: Cafe des Amis 
Chef: John Cahill

  SF Chefs 2012 - Maple Syrup Braised Beef 
Dish: Maple Syrup Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Roasted Yam and Applewood Smoked Bacon puree. 
Restaurant: 1300 on Fillmore
Chef: David Lawrence

  SF Chefs 2012 - Summer Melon Soup 
Dish: Summer Melon Soup, Habanero gazpacho crème fraîche 
Restaurant: Mayfair Bakery and Cafe 
Chef: Saundra Middleton

  SF Chefs 2012 - Gazpacho Shooters and Shrimp 
Dish: Gazpacho shooters with Drunken Shrimp 
Restaurant: Fine Cooking Magazine 
Chef: not indicated

  SF Chefs 2012 - Halibut slider 
Dish: Halibut slider 
Restaurant: not indicated 
Chef: not indicated

  SF Chefs 2012 - Spinach Crepa 
Dish: Spinach crepe, corn custard, chanterelle mushrooms, toasted quinoa 
Restaurant: Sutro's at The Cliff House 
Chef: David Seawell

  SF Chefs 2012 - Heirloom Tomato Melon 
Dish: Heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, mint and chili 
Restaurant: Barbacco Eno Trattoria 
Chef: Nick Kelly

  SF Chefs 2012 - Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs 
Dish: Red wine braised wagyu beef short ribs over fresh corn polenta with rainbow chard pickles Restaurant: Lark Creek Steak 
Chef: Ismael Macias

  SF Chefs 2012 - King Salmon Gravenstein Apple 
Dish: King Salmon Gravenstein Apple, our Lardo, watermelon relish 
Restaurant: Poggio 
Chef: Peter McNee

  SF Chefs 2012 - Ceviche coconut 
Dish: Coconut ceviche 
Restaurant: E&O Asian Kitchen 
Chef: Eric Arnold Wong

  SF Chefs 2012 - Cobia Tataki 
Dish: Cobia tataki charred avocado, pickled shimei, yuzu alioli, red shiso. 
Restaurant: Lake Chalet Seafood Bar and Grill 
Chef: Jordan Grosser

  SF Chefs 2012 - Lemon Grass salad 
Dish: not indicated 
Restaurant: Lemongrass Thai Cuisine 
Chef: Toi Sawatdee

  SF Chefs 2012 - Deviled Eggs 
Dish: Deviled eggs with chipotle romasco basil tomato 
Restaurant: Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen 
Chef: Adam Carpenter

  SF Chefs 2012 - Carrot Cardamon Gelee 
Dish: Carrot Cardamon Gelee with vegetable confetti's crab meat and citrus salad 
Restaurant: Fleur de Lys 
Chef: Hubert Keller

  SF Chefs 2012 - Vegetable Samosa Tamarind Chutney 
Dish: Vegetable Samosa with Tamarind Chutney 
Restaurant: New Delhi Restaurant 
Chef: Ranajan Dey

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