Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pop-up Store in the City - Uniqlo

Uniqlo - Pop up on Post StUniqlo is finally here in San Francisco!

While their first West Coast store on Powell St. is not scheduled to open until the Fall season, Uniqlo has set up a pop-up store on Post St.

I went and took a peek one Saturday after I heard the good news from my friends Edward and Jojo. Is there such a thing called Uniqlo-phile? Maybe I am.

Uniqlo - Popup store on Post St
This Uniqlo pop-up store is on Post St. between Kearny and Grant Sts. I was told it will stay open until their West Coast flagship store on Powell St. starts operations in the Fall. From afar, I could see people going in and out of the store.

Uniqlo - Popup store
I first learned about Uniqlo when Mijo and I were walking around the Ginza district of Tokyo in December of 2006 and seeing all these people walking around carrying a white paper bag with the Uniqlo logo. I remember asking Mijo that we should findout where these shoppers are coming from. This is laughable or maybe bordering desperate, right? When we finally got to the store, it was occupying several floors of this building and I was totally digging their style, color and cut. It was an instant hit to me. I have been to Uniqlos in NYC, Taipei, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur since then.

[read about my Tokyo blog @ Bakasyonista, January 2007 ]

Uniqlo - Inside the Pop up store
The pop-up store is a visual feast. From the street outside, colorful bomber jackets are on display in their windows. Two Uniqlo staff are waiting by the entrance in their matching kimonos and greeting shoppers as they come in. Inside are chandeliers made of tshirts and tv screens and colorful items against shiny white walls. 

Uniqlo - Postcard photo
They also have this photobooth that lets you take a picture of yourself and get a postcard copy of the picture.  The pop-up store is small as expected but this is considered big for a pop-up store. This gave me a glimpse of the great things to come when the flagship store opens sometime soon.  


P . S .
Are you also a Uniqlophile? Is there a Uniqlo store where you live? I'd love to hear more about your Uniqlo experience.  Here is another blogger who blogs about Uniqlo and she happens to be my sister-in-law.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

bakit ba puro "blah blah blah in the city" title ng posts mo? feeling mo si sarah jessica ka? isa pa bakit parang walang nagku-comment dito? yehey!!!

Anonymous said...

i know you but you don't know me. pa-s ka naman masyado. parang di ka kumakain kina aling tale dati malapit sa mapua. hehehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

correction..hindi pala tale..taling! hahahahhaaha :-)

Roland Luistro said...

salamat sa comments mo dahil natawa talaga ako at dumami bigla ang comments. :) pa-s? hindi naman, konti lang. LOL! oo nga, miss ko ang lunch kina aling t.

sino ka kaya? LOL!

Anonymous said...

at least ngayon, sumasagot ka na, o di ba? akala ko di ka na maabot eh, ampohtah!

Timeless Confection said...

hi unaki!
i didn't know na ngayon lang nagkaron ng uniqlo sa san francisco. dati saang branch kayo nagpupunta?

@anonymous:you're most definitely an internet troll! beware! may nakukulong na dahil sa masamang gawain na ganyan...

Roland Luistro said...

hi kaye, after we discovered the brand in tokyo, sa nyc, taipei, sg at kl yung napuntahan na namin. :)