Sunday, August 19, 2012

Concert at the Winery - Duran Duran

Duran Duran - The ReflexWhat can top being surrounded by grapevines in the middle of a vineyard sipping a well balanced California cabernet sauvignon or merlot and watching Duran Duran live in concert while reminiscing on your life 20 years (or more) ago? 

It is probably a lot to ask but that is what we did just recently. 

I had a blast! Thank you, D&D.

Duran Duran - Save A Prayer They sang all my favorites including Hungry Like a Wolf, The Reflex and Wild Boys plus several new ones which I think are equally catchy as their popular 80s songs. We left early so I'll never know if they performed Union of the Snake. Duran Duran - Wild BoysI don't know the story between Andy Taylor and the group but he was visibly absent from the concert. That was the first thing I noticed. I've seen clips of their earlier concerts in YouTube and I couldn't help but compare them with this concert. I smiled whenever Simon Le Bon tried to do the same moves. I give A+ to the crowd's participation making the concert extra lively. It must be the wines.

Duran Duran - Mountain Winery amphitheaterThe setting couldn't be anymore conducive to entertainment. The amphitheatre is beautifully architected and picturesque with grapevines all around. The only thing I wish they could do away is the $20 parking fee at the Mountain Winery. Come on guys. It is not like the place is public transport friendly. Maybe you forgot that there is no other way to get there but by driving? I understand the place needs staff to control the flow of traffic inside the winery. But $20? It felt like we were being nickeled and dimed. It kind of cheapened my Duran Duran experience. Personally, it is going to take another super favorite group like The Human League or Spandau Ballet for me to go back to that venue.

I give D&D A++. Thank you Duran Duran for your songs. What a superb performance!   

 Here is a clip of Hungry Like A Wolf that I took during the concert. Enjoy! 



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