Monday, February 06, 2012

Dessert Crawl in the City - The January List

Pied Piper - DessertThe binge eating that started in December didn't stop on New Year's eve and continued on to January. For this blog entry, I am not going to bore you with all the dinners, fabulous or not, that I've had in restaurants in the city. What I will do though, is tell you all about the desserts I've sampled for the entire month. I think that is more interesting.

When I say dessert, it is something sweet and eaten after a meal. More often than not, dessert, more than the main meal, is something I totally look forward to when dining out.

NYE Duet @ Pied Piper. The photo above is the New Year's Eve duet when we dined at the Pied Piper inside the Palace Hotel. It consists of flourless chocolate cake, raspberry linzertorte, and vanilla bean creme Anglaise. These three elements truly complement each other. The flavors were carefully planned.

Rockit Swirl - Frozen YogurtFrozen Yogurt @ Rockit Swirl. We had this dessert right after having a quick dinner at La Corneta Taqueria in Glen Park. To wash down the strong taste of the tacos and burritos, we had frozen yogurt at Rockit Swirl on Diamond St. which is next door to La Corneta. I chose a combination of vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt and topped it with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The tart flavors of the berries go so well with the sweet and creamy taste of the yogurt. 

Sweet Inspiration - Berry tartBerry Tart @ Sweet Inspiration. This one is a berry tart from Sweet Inspiration on Market St. After dinner at Chow's on Church St., we walked a couple of blocks to Sweet Inspiration. This place is cake and pie haven. It always takes me more than a couple of minutes to decide which slice of pie or cake to get with my pot of orange or jasmine tea. They're not only delicioso, they're also pretty to look at.  But one would wonder where do they get all these berries in the middle of winter?  This is so bad for the environment. Think of all their carbon footprint! I guess I haven't matured when it comes to my choice of desserts and being environmentally conscious.

Hong Sing - Fortune CookieFortune Cookies @ Hing Sing. We've been going to Hong Sing either on a Monday or Wednesday or during a weeknight that we don't cook. Hong Sing is a Chinese restaurant on Diamond St. in Glen Park and this is one of the three remaining restaurants in our list where one can have a descent meal for under $20. The dessert, while it is not fancy at all, comes free and comes with fortunes with a sense of humor. It is the best way to finish a Chinese dinner, really.

Mission Pie - Banana Creme pieBanana Creme Pie @ Mission Pie. We used to go to the nearby Indian Ice creamery on Valencia St right after dinner at Pakwan, a Pakistani and Indian restaurant on 16th St and Guererro. However, the ice cream place closed business so we had to find a new dessert venue. Luckily, we found Mission Pie on 25th St and Mission. I know, it is a BART station away but it is on our way back home.  When we ordered this banana creme pie, we noticed a group of four people next to us was sharing a slice of banana creme pie while Mijo and I had each a slice.  We did feel a tinge of guilt.

Fattoush - French toastFrench Toast @ Fattoush. We ordered this French Toast as part of our Sunday Brunch at Fattoush on Church St. I just had a very savory Shawarma plate with potatoes and salad so I was craving for something really sweet. The maple syrup goes so well with the cinnamon flavor of the toast. The crispy crust made of corn cereal added a lovely twist to this very tasty French Toast.


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