Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parfumeur in the City - diptyque paris

Diptyque - SamplesI went to the Diptyque store on Maiden Lane to check out possible gifts for Mijo on Valentines. Some of the scents sold in the store come not only in sprays but also in solid form. I thought this would be perfect for Mijo to have something he can carry with him to the gym at noon that is small and solid and still smells like his scent when he leaves the house in the morning. If you enjoy scents and fragrances, this store is for you. 

Inside their shop, it gives you that old European charm and they have nothing but perfumes that come in different aroma, shapes and sizes.  This is perfumes galore!

Diptyque - StoreSomething woody or spicy is what I was looking for. They consider most of their fragrances unisex but I was keen on trying on their Philosikos and Eau Duelle because they come in solid forms. A sales associate named Brent was there to help out. First she asked me what I currently wear. I answered her question but I also explained that I was looking for a gift and told her what Mijo wears. She came up with six aromas - L'Eau, Eau Lente, Eau Duelle, Philosikos, Tam Dao and their anniversary scent called No. 34. Brent carefully described each one to me adding which ones are popular among men and which ones change aroma once applied on the skin. One thing I noticed is that their smell is something unique, they are refreshing new scents, something I haven't smelled before.

Diptyque - SamplesIn the end, I narrowed the choices down to three - Eau Duelle, Philosikos and No. 34. Brent was not pushy at all and she even suggested to try them on during the week and see what Mijo really likes. She gave me samples of the three I chose and she asked me to give Eau Lente a try. She probably noticed my reaction when I first smelled Eau Lente. Remember, these perfumes are supposed to be for Mijo. It seems like I am the one, more than Mijo, who is enjoying these new scents after a week. 

 I've had some misses before when it comes to selecting colognes so I truly appreciate stores like Diptyque giving you time to think and try on their products before buying them.  Thanks so much Brent for all your help!  

I think I know what to get myself for my birthday, and for Mijo, of course.


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