Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmers Market in the City - Glen Park Farmers Market

Glen Park Farmers Market
Finally, Glen Park has its own farmers market. Though the farmers markets at the Ferry Building and the one in Noe Valley are within minutes from Glen Park, there is something better about getting our own neighborhood farmers market. Fresh produce, fresh flowers, freshly baked breads, locally made cheeses, honey, hand made soaps, dips and sauces just steps outside our door. When we got there this morning, there were not a lot of people. Since it just opened last sunday, I expect there will be more local shoppers in the coming weeks.

Snyders Honey
Though there are more variety and entertainment at the Ferry Building farmers market, it is notorious for being touristy. I have not shopped at the Noe Valley farmers market so I am not sure about the crowd and the selections there. I didn't see any signs of out of towners at Glen Park's this morning. At least, I was the only one totting a camera today (I was hiding it inside my shopping bag). We even ran into our good friend and neighbor Dave and his two cute kids.  I think this is the best place to meet and catch up with neighbors. 

So for Glen Park villagers, see you next sunday.

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