Saturday, May 07, 2011

Concert in the City - Ricky Martin's Musica+Alma+Sexo tour

Ricky Martin in ConcertMijo scored promotional tickets to Ricky Martin's Musica+Alma+Sexo tour on Wednesday at the HP Pavillon. ¡Que suerte la de nosotros!

I usually prepare to see a music event. When I say prepare, if it is a music concert or opera, I generally listen to the artist's songs one week before the date. If it is a ballet, I listen to the accompanying music tracts. Now if it is a Spanish or non-English and non-Tagalog speaking artist, I try to familiarize myself with the lyrics so I can sing with the crowd.

Ricky Martin in ConcertWith Ricky Martin's concert, I was totally not ready.  We learned about the free tickets four hours before the concert.  Before Wednesday, I've only heard three or four of his songs.  I was never a fan of the artist, although I like him enough that I would see his concert if the tickets were free.

The crowd was mostly Latin. The concert was short which is not surprising at all since he does not have a big repertoire of songs. He's got a great set wardrobes to complement his sexy body. I noticed that he really has a nice manly voice that is pleasing to listen to.  Another plus is that he dances while he sings, and he moves quite well. The man is a good dancer. I guess not a lot of male singers can do this except for a few like the late Michael Jackson, and several boy bands.

Ricky Martin in ConcertIn my opinion, he and his music sound better in Spanish and he should just stick with salsa or romantic music - porque las tienen mucha alma, mas profunda.

My favorites were Bella, Maria and the Cup of Life.  I went with mijo to the concert during a weeknight expecting nothing but came back home happy - nos hemos gustado mucho. This concert made me a fan of the man! Great job Ricky Martin!

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