Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Musical in the City - CATS

Cats in SF
Grizabella's voice is clear as bell. Though it was a short performance in the 1st Act of the show, Grizabella, the Glamour Cat sang Memory as if we were all in a dream. We were all in awe. For me, her scene is the highlight of Act 1, perhaps the entire show. Judging from the crowd's reaction and their applause, the people in the audience agree with me.

Cats at the Orpheum Theatre
Don't get me wrong. The cast delivered superb performance of high energy dance moves while belting high beautiful melodies. The Jellicle Cats were always in sync with their movements. It is just that the entire show is just too trippy for me. It was so different from the other Broadway shows I'm used to seeing. I totally wasnt ready for the space ship (or was it really a flying saucer?), the jellicle cats, the stobe lights and the smoke, the trippy melodies. Maybe psychedelic is the right word? 

I just had to see it, I guess. Ok, done, check. I've seen Cats. :)


Kaye's Heavenly Adventures said...

Hi Rolandito!
I can just loose myself in your writing. soo good! Ibang version ba ito ng CATS? sabi mo kasi may spaceship...

Rolandito said...

hi momsie, thank you. :) oo nga ba't may flying saucer? sa second pic in the blog, si deuteronomy nasa flying saucer. hehehe