Sunday, March 08, 2015

Everyday Coffee in the City - Godiva Coffee Cafe

Everyday Coffee - Godiva Coffee Cafe by roland luistro, on FlickrFor this week, we are sampling Godiva Coffee Cafe Chocolate Truffle coffee. It is only one pack so it is good for four cups and it will probably last us a day or two.

We are not fond of flavored coffees but this one is packed with flavors without losing its real coffee taste.

We got this pack of Godiva Coffee Cafe from a Christmas gift pack of Godiva goodies. The aroma of chocolate and licorice escaped the package and filled the kitchen. It smelled so good. The coffee was already ground and it was course. Perfect as a drip or press.

Everyday Coffee - Godiva Coffee Cafe coffee grounds

Look at that. I was absolutely admiring the froth that was produced during the drip process. More aroma escaped and filled the room.

Everyday Coffee - Godiva Coffee Cafe brewing

I first tasted the coffee without any pairings. It was well balanced. I can taste the chocolate truffle flavor at the same time the rich coffee taste.

We paired it with Graham Cookies from Miette Patiserie. The pairing was great because the cookie taste buttery with the subtle taste of Graham cracker and it went well with the chocolatey liquor like taste of the coffee.

Everyday Coffee - Godiva Coffee Cafe Miette Graham Cookie

I didn't get a chance to try this coffee as a latte or mocha because the grounds were course. I wonder if they sell this coffee as a whole bean?

Here are my notes:

Coffee Origin/Name: Arabica
Roaster: Godiva Chocolatier
Producer: not indicated
Roast Date: not indicated
Brew Method: drip
Sampled: March 7-8
Body: medium body
Acidity: highly acidic


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