Sunday, March 01, 2015

Brunch in the City - Monsieur Benjamin

Monsieur Benjamin - Sign by roland luistro, on Flickr
Mijo and I have been having brunch mostly in what we call default brunch places like cafes in our neighborhood  that's why I haven't blogged our brunches.

However, my friends Dinah, Karen and I met up and had brunch to celebrate a special day at Monsieur Benjamin for the first time. It was extra special and I loved it!

Thanks to Mijo, I got there early because I took BART and walked. He warned me, "Good luck finding parking there",  as I was getting ready to leave the house. I was glad I took his advice.

Monsieur Benjamin is located in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood and it is four to five blocks from the nearest BART startion, four blocks to the closest MUNI underground.

The reservation was under Dinah's name and the hostess seated me right away. The table had a great wide view of the restaurant. The place has lots of natural light and has this light and airy feel.
Monsieur Benjamin - Scene

We ordered a lot and in the end, Dinah took the bill. It was Dinah's treat! Maraming salamat Dinah!

The coffee was delicious and it is served fresh from a cute coffee press.
Monsieur Benjamin - Coffee

Before we ordered this Foie Gras au Torchon, Dinah and I did contemplate. The ban on foie gras has just been lifted in California and we miss it. We wanted to be politically correct because we are totally aware how this food product is made.  We just hope that the restaurants source it from ethical producers. The bacon marmalade provided great balance.
Monsieur Benjamin - Foie Gras au Torchon

This is their Cured Salmon Tartare with pickled onions and dill crème fraîche. The combination of tastes heightened the flavor of the salmon. It was delicious!
Monsieur Benjamin - Cured Salmon Tartare

This one is their Scrambled Eggs. It was simple yet very tasty. It came with sausages and pommes sarladaises. It was one of the tastiest potatoes I've had.
Monsieur Benjamin - Scrambled Egg

This is Grilled Paris Ham with poached egg, grilled lettuce and hollandaise. Another very tasty dish.
Monsieur Benjamin - Grilled Paris Ham

For our dessert, we ordered this Brioche French Toast. Yes, that is bacon you see in the picture.
Monsieur Benjamin - Brioche French Toast

I like all the food we ordered. I liked the service and the restaurant. Another bonus was the view of the kitchen where the tasty magic starts.
Monsieur Benjamin - Kitchen

Monsieur Benjamin is located on Gogh St. between Ivy and Grove Sts.


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