Monday, March 02, 2015

Cafe in the City - Chantal Guillon

Chantal Guillon - Boxes by roland luistro, on Flickr
After Karen, Dinah and I finished our delicious brunch at Monsieur Benjamin, we decided to walk around the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

We didn't go far at all because we found Chantal Guillon as soon as we turned right on Hayes St. from Gogh St. We decided to stay and enjoy some macarons.

This tiered display of macarons by the store's window made us curious. 
How can you not say "no" to these pretty things?

Chantal Guillon - Display

And these ones inside the glass shelves.
Chantal Guillon - Macarons bw

Chantal Guillon is a place that sells macarons, teas and small confections. It felt like I just stepped inside a candy store inside Chantal. Actually, less of a candy store but more like a cake. I guess it is becasue the colors and the texture of the wall and paint remind me of a cake.

At back of the store is where you'll find their tea selection.
Chantal Guillon - Tea selections

We finally narrowed down our choices to four - Italian pistachio, lavender and black currant, Persian rose, and Passion fruit.
Chantal Guillon - Macarons

For the tea, one of the staffs recommended Casablanca for its floral notes. The combination of the tea's taste and the fruity nutty taste of the macarons were great.
Chantal Guillon - Casablanca tea

I brought some macarons home for Mijo. I chose two of each - Persian Rose, Jasmin Green Tea and Raspberry Lychee Rose. 
Chantal Guillon - Macarons at home

We paired the macarons with Starbucks Christmas blend.
Chantal Guillon - Coffee at home

I am adding Chantal Guillon as one of my go to places for macarons in the city. This Filipino guy is happy!


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