Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sculptures in the City - Mark Di Suvero in Crissy Field

Mark Di Suvero - Dreamcatcher northwestviewEight compelling steel sculptures by artist Mark Di Suvero are currently on display in Crissy Field as part of an art exhibition by the SFMoMA.

The exhibition is outdoors and for free in Crissy Field. If you are in town, these sculptures will be on display until May 26, 2014.

Mijo and I originally planned visiting The Disney Family Museum in San Francisco's Presidio area. This area is also near Crissy Field so we decided to spend some time to see the sculptures by Mark Di Suvero which are currently on display there.

While I am no art expert, I love art and I see the beauty in every art. There is something therapeutic seeing them.

I usually don't carry my digital SLR but for this event I did bring my camera with my widest angle lens with the hope that it will give me more view. Plus I also want to capture the beauty of Crissy Field and the city. I had a challenge taking pictures of the sculpture because they don't have a front nor back. They are big but not massive.

Aside from being free of charge, another good thing about this exhibition is that it can be done as a mobile tour, by going to their mobile site 415-294-3609, or downloading their podcast

I don't have a favorite, but I have a couple that I was able to take more than two views. Let me take you on a virtual tour here. Enjoy!

Doris and Donald Fisher Collection
(#240 audio commentary)

Mark Di Suvero - Will southview 

Mark Di Suvero - Will northview

Are Years What? (for Marianne Moore)
Painted Steel
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, D.C., Joseph H. Hirshhorn Purchase Fund and gift of the
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, by exchange 1999
(#210 audio commentary)

Mark Di Suvero - Are Years What southview

Mark Di Suvero - Are Years What northview

Collection of the artist
(#260 audio commentary)

Mark Di Suvero - Dreamcatcher southview

Mark Di Suvero - Dreamcatcher sideview

Mark Di Suvero - Dreamcatcher northwestview

Mark Di Suvero - Dreamcatcher northview

Old Buddy (For Rosko)
Painted Steel
Collection of the Artist

Mark Di Suvero - Old Buddy for Rosko

Mother Peace
Painted steel
Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York
gift of the Ralph E. Ogden Foundation, Inc.

Mark Di Suvero - Motherpeace southview

Mark Di Suvero - Motherpeace northview

Collection of the artist

Mark Di Suvero - Magma

Collection of Carol McKegney

Mark Di Suvero - Huru southview

Mark Di Suvero - Huru northview

Painted steel with steel buoys
Collection of the artist

Mark Di Suvero - Figolu northview

Mark Di Suvero - Figolu closeup


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