Thursday, March 06, 2014

Juicing in the City - Grapefruit gift in the neighborhood

Ruby Reds - Grapefruit giftThe other week, I finally found time to take care of the crate full of ruby red grapefruit that one of our neighbors gave us. Thank you so much!  

The fruits were so plump and huge. I didn't know a faster way to consume these fresh goodies other than to juice them. I have to admit that I had an enjoyable time juicing.

I love citrus fruits - orange and grapefruit in particular. Ok. Lemons and calamansi too.  They have this refreshing taste and great scent.

Have I told you that we planted two dwarf orange trees in our backyard three years ago? They would have been full grown trees by now had the San Francisco summers been a team player. Though both of them flower every later winter, only one or two fruits appear and none make it through Spring. 

In a perfect world, I'll be harvesting this much orange every week. I'd like to think I am a man with lots of patience and I'll wait for the time for a bounty harvest from my mini-orchard. (I also have a lemon and a calamansi tree).

Ruby Reds - Ripe grapefruits

In the meantime, I'll just have to buy citrus fruits from the farmer's markets, groceries or from my generous neighbors. Let's call her J to hide her identity. Anyway, J surprised us one day with a crate full of grapefruits. Thanks so much neighbor J! 

Ruby Reds - Sliced grapefruit

I remember we used to buy a small sack, about 15 lbs, of oranges from a truck parked across the Glen Park BART station and haul it home. We would have freshly squeezed orange juice for our weekend home brunches.

Ruby Reds - Grapefruit juicer

As you can see, I haven't lost my touch in juicing. I had  to pinch these red ruby grapefruits because they are much larger and do not fit snugly on the juicer. One grapefruit yields a cup of juice. It is amazing how these citrus fills the kitchen with a fresh scent. I was secretly impressed with my skills and I imagined myself doing this when I retire from computer programming.

Ruby Reds - Pinching grapefruit

Viola! Freshly squeezed juice!

Ruby Reds - Grapefruit juice

I had extra fruits to prepare as snacks or as garnish to our salads. 
It looks like my time watching the Food Network is paying off.

Ruby Reds - Peeled grapefruit

Viola. Healthy snacks for Mijo and I. I wish Shalimar The Cat eats healthy snacks as well.

Ruby Reds - Grapefruit snack


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