Saturday, October 26, 2013

Play in the City - 1776 The Musical

1776 - programA month ago, my good friend Dinah asked me if I'd be interested in seeing a play slash musical at the American Conservatory Theatre. I said yes without realizing that the show was a day before my business trip.

I was having second thoughts on the day of the show because I haven't packed for my trip. I went anyway but I was rewarded in the process.

I've seen performances at the American Conservatory Theatre that are not only plays but slash musical like The Scottsboro Boys and Tales of the City; or dance works like Tosca. I loved them all.

1776 The Musical was also a play slash musical but it had more of a play characteristic to it just because dialogues added more drama and color to the political drama that unfolded during the drafting of the declaration. The songs did stress out key events in the play.

1776 - Entrance 

Since taking pictures is not allowed at the A.C.T., this is the only one I took home with me.
All the scenes took place within the chamber of the Second Continental Congress of the Pensylvannia State House. The play was supposed to have taken place between May 8 and July 4, 1776. I don't know if the details are historically accurate but I enjoyed every bit of it. From the references to the hot summer weather, the humnity of the representatives of the original thirteen states especially Benjamin Franklin's health challenges, Thomas Jefferson's good looks, and the eccentricities of John Adams.

1776 - American Conservatory Theatre

In addition, even though we all know that this meeting ended well and the USA declared independence over 200 years ago, the pacing of the play still made it extra suspenseful especially during the voting process whether to declare independence or not. It gave me a kind of inside look in to the drama of unending political bickering inside that chamber 200 years ago. I also enjoyed the imagination that was put in to the revision of draft version of the Declaration of Independence. Brilliant, in my opinion. I also loved the hair style and the outfit that people wore in those days.

I can totally relate with the play not only because of my being a Filipino American but also because I've been to Philadelphia and Washington, DC and I've seen the Declation of Independence on both occasions.  

Here is a picture of the National Archives in Washington DC where the Declaration of Independence is on display.

And a copy of the Declaration of Independence during my visit to Philadelphia years ago.
Philadelphia- Declaration of Independence

There was a 15 minute intermission.
1776 - Intermission
 And Dinah brought these goodies to share. Thanks Dinah!
1776 - Intermission coffee

Here are wall posters on the walls of A.C.T.
1776 - ACT Theatre wall art

Coming here enriched my being a Filipino American and I truly appreciate what the Founding Fathers did that paved the way to the US of A. It is easily one of my favorite play slash musicals.
1776 - ACT Theatre

The play was directed by Frank Galati and ran through October 6, 2013.


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